Your Everyday Feminist: Wonder Woman

So, I admit, I am a little behind on the times. I just watched Wonder Woman (2017) recently, a couple weeks after it left the box offices. For those who have yet to see it, the movie is all about woman empowerment, independence and the balance between good and evil. So, as you can imagine, I couldn't help but think about how relatable the main character, Wonder Woman (aka Diana), was to modern, everyday feminists.

For so long the idea of feminism has struck multiple different impressions on many, many people.  Some of those being that feminists hate men, they are 100% independent 100% of the time, and they radically oppose any stereotypical womanly activity. I thoroughly enjoyed the messages this movie sent about women empowerment, and it’s amazing that it took this long for a movie like this to be made.

  1. Wonder Woman is fiercely independent, but she relies on teamwork for the heavy lifting. Although Diana exhibited obvious signs of self reliance, she knew the value of having a handful of good friends to back her up when the going got tough. Modern feminists do not wish for independence to the point of solitude. We know that dependence is not necessarily a bad thing, but we also know that we are capable of doing anything we set our minds to.

  2. Diana does not hate men. Despite being raised on a paradise island with literally zero men, Diana quickly grew particularly fond of her new friend, Steve Trevor, along with the other men on her team. “Feminist” is not synonymous for man hater. Our goal is to be respected and valued on the same level as men.

  3. Wonder Woman loves babies! Diana never got to see babies where she grew up, so it’s funny when she dotes over a crying baby in London. Here is a woman that is the picture of women’s empowerment and she is not ashamed to show her more maternal, loving side.  Just because some feminists might oppose marriage and children, does not mean we are robots. I can appreciate a cute, chubby, little baby when I see one.

  4. Diana is strong and determined as hell. Just like a few woman I know, Diana is unwavering in her intentions. She knows what she wants and she has no problem communicating that to the people that can help her. As people that are focused on self improvement and progression, we know what we want and need, and we do not have any reservations about voicing it in order to get there.

  5. Body confidence does not even begin to explain Diana’s self esteem.  Diana has no problem showing off what her momma sculpted from clay (?). While some people can argue she never knew any better because she was raised on a island where everyone dressed similarly, I like to think she is just so confident and proud of what her body does, she has no room for criticisms. Although some women still can’t grasp this, a lot of us have.  Lead by example, be proud of your body, how it looks and what it does for you.

It’s important to note that, although I consider myself a feminist and agree with the points I have made, I do not, by any means, speak for the rest of the population here. Feminism runs on a spectrum, and everyone thinks differently when it comes to these kinds of things.  However, one of the best things about feminism is celebrating such individualism.

So, similar to Wonder Woman, you can show weakness and still consider yourself a feminist. In my book, as long as you care for the progression, equality and well being of women in society, you belong with us. You, me, and Wonder Woman.


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