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Your Essential Halloween Movie Watchlist

It’s officially spooky season, which means it’s time to light that pumpkin candle, put up your decorations and watch the best movies for the season.

Here are some of many must-sees for this Halloween season!

“The Haunted Mansion” 

Join a family on their endeavor into a mansion filled with scares and screams, and laugh along with them as they encounter one spook after another. 


Beetlejuice is a 1988 classic that tells the story of a deceased couple who try to scare away the new residents of their home, along with an obnoxious, over the top character: Betelgeuse.

“Edward Scissorhands”

Perhaps one of the most loved spooky movies, Edward Scissorhands tells the story of a man created by a scientist who passed away before he could ever finish his creation. 

“The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Arguably a Christmas and Halloween movie, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is the story of Jack Skellington, a skeleton living in Halloweentown who discovers the Christmas Holiday and tries to become Santa Claus himself.

“The Corpse Bride”

Another creepy Tim Burton creation, The Corpse Bride is about Victor, a man so nervous to get married that he practices his vows and accidentally places the ring on a corpse, locking him into the wrong marriage.

“Practical Magic”

With Sandra Bullock as the leading lady, this movie is about witch sisters who are stuck under a curse that leads any man they love to a doomed death.


“Hocus Pocus”

One of the most classic halloween tales of our time, Hocus Pocus is a story about the Sanderson sisters, three witches who try to entrap children and take their youth so that they themseleves may be young again.


Halloweentown is probably the most beloved Halloween movie to date. Marnie and her siblings venture to a town of ghosts, goblins and witches, to find that they themselves are not so normal.

Any horror movie would be a good choice for a Halloween movie night. However, these are some of the classics that should not be left unseen throughout this Halloween season. 

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Mandie is a Senior at the University of Central Florida. She is pursuing a degree in writing and rhetoric as well as a certificate in editing and publishing. To keep up with her, follow her on Instagram @mandiemccann.
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