You Know You're Tian Tian When...

A week ago #JonasBlizzard2016 (literally) took the world by storm. Our feeds were chock-full of hilarious Jo Bro gifs, artsy snow pics, and most importantly, Tian Tian the panda. Tian Tian, one of the pandas from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, woke up one morning to snow. To say he was stoked is an understatement. We’ve all had moments when we felt on top of the world like Tian Tian did in this aww-worthy video. Here are some of the best moments when Tian Tian’s excitement truly resonated with us.

You know you’re Tian Tian when…

  • You get to sleep in without waking up to an alarm
  • You wake up in the middle of the night and realize you still have a few hours left to sleep
  • The next season of your favorite show is on Netflix
  • Avocados are 10 for $10 at Publix
  • You walk by a really cute dog and make eye contact
  • You walk by a really cute boy and make eye contact
  • You get all the classes you need for the semester
  • Your professor has a hot pepper on
  • Your professor doesn’t require you to buy a textbook for your class
  • The professor for your 3 hour lecture lets you out of class early
  • You get an assigned group for a semester-long project and they actually seem competent 
  • A cute boy sits next to you in class
  • Said boy strikes up a conversation with you
  • Said boy asks you to study together at a coffee shop
  • The deadline for that assignment you’ve been dreading gets pushed back a week
  • You get an A on that exam you crammed for the night before
  • There’s free pizza in the Student Union
  • A random stranger pays for your coffee
  • You nail that job interview
  • You get the job that said interview was for
  • You finish every task on your to-do list
  • Your paycheck comes in
  • You realize the item you’re purchasing is on sale
  • You realize the boy you’re talking to is a good texter
  • You crawl into bed after a long day
  • You watch a cute animal video on Facebook
  • Your bed sheets are freshly washed and your room is squeaky clean
  • Your PB&J has the perfect peanut butter to jelly ratio
  • Your selfie comes out flawless the first time
  • Your winged liner looks A+ on both eyes
  • Chick-fil-A gives out free food
  • The flight attendant upgrades you to first-class just because
  • The barista at Starbucks spells your name right



Photo credit: Image, Video