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You Have the Questions, I Have the Answers!

Thank you guys so much for submitting questions to me! I selected these two because I feel like these have crossed every girl’s mind. Enjoy!

I have a question! Why is it that when guys have feelings for a certain girl, they don’t usually want to hook up with that girl, but are still capable of hooking up with other girls? Think Snookie and Vinny from Jersey Shore. I don’t understand!

Dear Allyson,
So I’m not sure if this is about a certain boy or not, but I’m going to answer it like it is. If this is about a certain boy, it sounds like a keeper to me. Although it may feel like he’s not giving you the attention you want, he’s just giving false attention to these other girls. He doesn’t want to mess things up with someone as wonderful as you. He’s trying to do things right with the girl that matters to him. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and you should definitely keep him around – he’ll turn around.
P.S. Love the Jersey Shore reference!
            Love, YGBF Justin

So lately I’ve been out and guys have just seemed to be the biggest creepers ever at parties. I have been dance-floor-raped one too many times, and am too much of a lady to deal with the groping.  What is the best way to spot the culprits before they strike? And how do you get the right guys in your direction?!

Dear Noelle,
First off let me reiterate that guys often predominately only think with their you-know-what, especially if they have been drinking. So they’re not really going to care if they get blown off by one girl at a club or party – there are others, others not as smart as you that they can get with. At clubs – it is perfectly fine to escape a guy, you’re in no way obligated to stay there and let him feel up on you. Here are some escape routes so you don’t have to compromise your polite personality. You can fake a phone call, and excuse yourself to find a quieter part of the club while leaving him on the dance floor, make sure to grab a friend though. Always, ALWAYS use the buddy system in clubs. A similar approach, say to him that you need to excuse yourself to go to the restroom, again grab a friend that’s with you. A third option could be to have a guy friend save you and dance with you for a bit until the creep gets the picture. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this! If no guy friends are available, the first options are sure to work every time.
Next issue, how to attract the right guys? Remember – modesty is hottest. I don’t mean you need to wear a full length skirt and a cardigan to go clubbing, but maybe not go for the skin tight dress that doesn’t allow you to bend down. To me, sexy is a little skin here and there, something off the shoulder, something that flows. Remember it’s 50% what you have and 50% what he thinks you have. So leave them the mystery, don’t have it all hanging out there. Not that you do, because I don’t know how you dress particularly. But you know what I mean. I really hope these tips help you out!
            Love, YGBF Justin


Now if any of you out there have questions you’d like to hear my 2 cents on, send them in! Don’t be shy! I’m always willing to answer your questions and would love to hear from you.  My email is [email protected]. Don’t be a stranger!      

            YGBF out!

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