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Women of The 2018 Winter Olympics

Our Winter blues are over and the Winter Olympics are here for us.  Time to sit back, relax, and watch the most incredible athletes from all over the world compete in various Winter sports.   It is incredible to see the talent, and strength these athletes bring to South Korea this year, and something that stands out in particular this year is the women of the 2018 Olympics.  The women competing for the United States are setting records and new standards for the Olympics, and are such inspirations to any girl out there watching this month.  

Maame Biney, an American competitor from Virginia is only 18 years old and has made history by being the first African-American short track speed skater to make the USA team.  As of Feb 10th, she has advanced to the 500m quarter-final going for a shot at a medal.  

Competing next to Biney is Erin Jackson, the first black American woman to compete in long-track speed skating.  Both Jackson and Biney are thankful to show some representation this year, saying that they are giving the representation they wish that they had when they were younger.  

Another American competitor to keep your eye on is Chloe Kim, a Korean-American snowboarder who is the first girl to ever land 1080s back-to-back during a competition.  Competing in the half-pipe this year at only 17 years old, if she wins the gold, she will be the youngest female snowboarder to ever win gold in Olympic history.  

A groundbreaking achievement in gender-equality comes from Elana Meyers Taylor, the first woman to ever drive a four-man bobsled.  The 33-year-old Virginian will also be the first woman to represent the US in the bobsled competition three times total.  


When you think of the Triple Axel jump, you may think of the “controversial” figure skater Tonya Harding, the first American skater to land the triple axel in competition and the first American skater to attempt the jump on Olympic ice.  This year, American Mirai Nagasu is the second American woman to attempt this difficult jump, but she will be trying twice, and on the morning of Feb 12 in South Korea, she landed the triple axel with ease.  Now that she has landed this, she is officially the first American woman to ever land the triple axel in Olympic competition.  All eyes will be on her as she steps on the ice for her next attempt.  

There are so many strong and insanely talented women competing this year all over the world.  I can’t wait to see the records these women break and to cheer them on in the competition along with all of the other women competing.  These are some of the most inspiring women I have ever seen, and could not be more proud that they are representing the US in the 2018 Winter Olympics.  




Grace Burns is a 3rd year Senior at the University of Central Florida pursing her degree in Visual Art-Emerging Media Management.  When not home writing, going through photos of her dogs back home, or hanging out with her roommates, you can find her hitting the farmers market, or finding perfect spots to document for her Instagram. Grace one day hopes to use her studies in Emerging Media and her experience in writing with Her Campus to pursue a career in social networking related to branding or fashion journalism.  
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