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Winter Break Expectations vs. Reality

Take a deep breath… because finals are over! All of the hard work you’ve been putting in since August has paid off. Now you can say peace out to school for a while, and focus all of your attention on the holidays. The instant satisfaction of knowing you are done with the semester supplies so much pleasure. Driving home feels great and you’re happy about getting away from campus for a while. Your family is happy you’ll be around longer than two days, and you can’t wait to see them. Then, slowly but surely, your hometown ends up being the last place you want to be. You start to remember all the reasons you wanted to get away in the first place, and you miss being at school with all of your friends. We all go into winter break with high expectations, but in reality, it might not go as perfectly as we planned. 

Expectation: Living at home is the best!

Reality: This trip has only fueled the ambitious side of you, and you promise yourself that you’ll never live at home permanently again.

Expectation: All of my old high school friends are going to invite me to hangout!

Reality: Maybe a few good friends will have you over for one bonfire, but you’ll be spending most of the break with your family. 

Expectation: I’m going to sleep in everyday, and spend the day in bed too!

Reality: You won’t know what to do with your life, so it will get old really quick. You may get to the point that you’ll want to pick up shifts at your old job.

Expectation: Christmas is going to be magical, just like it was when I was a kid.

Reality: Nope, not this year. You’re just going to do your best to get through the day without looking totally bored and uninterested, and it’s very obvious to your parents.

Expectation: Holiday calories don’t count, duh!

Reality: If you don’t want to cry about your body a week before spring break, think about what you’re eating now if you’re easily concerned about your figure. If you’re like me though, you know the calories do count and you still don’t care.

Expectation: Everyday is going to be an adventure.

Reality: The highlight of my break will be getting more highlights in my hair.

Expectation: I’m going to get that special New Years kiss.

Reality: I’m going to uncomfortably clap and quickly move on from the anti-climatic moment that is watching the ball drop. 

Expectation: New year, new me.

Reality: Same you, but 2016 can be your year if you go in with a positive attitude.

Though winter break may not be all it’s cracked up to be, it always feels good to have a fresh start once the New Year rolls around. It is definitely a close second behind spring break as far as school vacations are concerned.  

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Jade is a junior Radio/Television major with a coffee addiction and may marry a bagel because she loves them so much. She's just your typical sorority girl that idolizes Beyonce, loves being by the ocean, and sharing Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake videos on Facebook because they are friendship goals. Jade loves cheering on her Knights, you can find her at every UCF home game. When life's a mess Jade wants to remind you that you can just pretend you're Olivia Pope and handle it. 
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