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Why You Shouldn’t Be Sleeping on ‘American Idol’ This Season

“Wig, okay.” “Wig? Did you just say wig?” “Yes” “I know, wig, I feel that already.” If you have fallen in love with the “wig” kid, aka Noah Davis, then it’s time for you to fall in love with American Idol as well.

The singing competition that we have grown to love over the years, was taken away from us in 2016. Along with that, my childhood dreams of auditioning in front of the celebrity judges were thrown out the door. American Idol was the first reality show of its kind, that has led to many copycats over the years, yet it has always held a special place in all of our hearts as the OG.

After binging the final season a few years back, I was taken aback by beloved host Ryan Seacrest signing off the final episode with “Goodnight America… for now”. Since that moment, I have been waiting in anticipation for a revival announcement and was blessed with one this past spring.

This time around, ABC decided to pick up the show, with a brand-new set of judges, featuring Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan, as well as a rumored new host. The judges have changed over the years, so that wasn’t as concerning as the scare for a new host. Ryan Seacrest has become one of the leading icons of the series, and I knew it wouldn’t be the same without his personality.

But alas, the rumors were fake, and Seacrest was signed back on for the 16th season of American Idol. This revival has brought back the nostalgia factor of our beloved singing competition and has me all in the feels. As I’ve been catching up with the auditions this week, I can’t help but reflect on all the memories I’ve made through this show.

I fell in love with the competition back in 2009 When my first childhood crush, David Cook, dominated the stage and blew the competition out of the water. I was only in fifth grade at the time but watched every season following that. I had daydreams of auditioning and befriending the original judges, Randy, Paula, and Simon, despite my obvious handicap of being tone-deaf. I religiously streamed the final season, willing it to never end, yet delighted when my number one choice, Trent Harmon, took home the final win.

I grew up with this reality TV show, and it introduced me to the wonderful world of music, and I’m over the moon to have it back on the air. If you haven’t begun watching this season, you can tune in to ABC Sunday and Monday nights at 8 pm to catch up with all the exciting auditions.

American Idol is back and bigger than ever before, and I’m ecstatic to have it back in my heart. Don’t sleep on the competition this year, because I can already see some real superstars in the making. Noah and Katy and can vouch for the fact that this season already has their wigs snatched, and yours will be too.

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Lena is currently a senior at the University of Central Florida and very emotional about it. She serves as HCUCF's President and Campus Correspondent and is studying hospitality in hopes of making her childhood dreams of getting paid to travel the world come true. She is head over heels in love with all things aesthetically pleasing, so what could be better than working a job that will result in cute photos? While she's not in school or checking out the tacky tourist attractions around Orlando, you can find her spending more money than she has on concerts, clothes, and crappy coffee. She is a low-key movie addict and a high-key Instagram addict. If you want to see what she's up to when she's not hiding behind her laptop screen, you can follow her on Instagram @lena.daniels 
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