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Why Nick Viall Should Not be the Next ‘Bachelor’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

America’s heart broke once again last night with the announcement of the new Bachelor during the ending of Tuesday night’s episode of After Paradise. While many were rooting for fan favorites like Luke Pell, 31, and Chase McNary, 27, in the end two-time Bachelorette runner-up and current Bachelor in Paradise contestant Nick Viall was chosen as the season 21 star of The Bachelor

It is underestimating to say that Bachelor Nation could have anticipated the shocking surprise given with this announcement. My world stopped when the news broke. I took to texting my Bachelor fans immediately to debrief the appalling news. Even hours after the announcement, I am shaken to the core by this news and I refuse to allow my views to go unheard.


#4thtimesacharm… NOT.

The 35-year-old Milwaukee native has had more chances than anyone else in Bachelor history to find love and he has failed miserably each time. Enough is enough. It is time for Nick to find love without involving Bachelor Nation is the catastrophe that is his love life. We do not want to see him anymore. Three public break ups should be enough (obviously him and Bachelor season 20th contestant Jen Saviano, aka Ben’s ex, aren’t going to last). He needs to stop resurrecting from the pile of Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects and let us experience someone new trying to find love in the peculiar world that is The Bachelor.



Honestly, I don’t care that Viall has won over a portion of Bachelor Nation during his current stunt on BIP. I am done with his love saga. I was done when Andi Dorfman said goodbye to him on season 10 of The Bachelorette for Atlanta-native, Josh Murray. I was even more done when he wiggled his way onto season 11 of The Bachelorette to win over Kaitlyn Bristowe. I was BEYOND done when I heard he was going to be a contestant on this season of BIP. This is just getting sad and pathetic for Viall. He just doesn’t have it, whatever it is.


Luke Pell was destined to be The Bachelor

Clearly, Luke has it. Bachelor Nation set their eyes on him the moment JoJo made the mistake of sending him home episode nine of her season on The Bachelorette. From his passionate kisses to his mature and committed love for JoJo, Luke made us fall for his Southern charm and we were patiently waiting for our chance to date the handsome war veteran… or at least continue to watch him pursue true love from our TVs week-after-week. That is obviously not going to happen anymore. Yet, as Luke put it in his Instagram post last night after the news broke, we will have to “trust God’s timing” (OMG, he is Christian too *swoons*). #LukeforBachelor

Alas, we will have to endure another season of Nick Viall. Hell, he has to find love this season. He is the one handing out the roses. Now if he didn’t, I would finally believe the Chris Harrison when he says his famous Bachelor catchphrase: “It might be the most dramatic season ever.” I would laugh my way to the Final Rose ceremony … if there can be one at that point! LOL

Anyways Bachelor Nation, the road to season 21 of The Bachelor is now officially underway and either we get on or we get off. Despite my rant, I am staying on to see the train wreck that the next season of The Bachelor inevitably is going to become.

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