Why My 3 Siblings Are the Best Things to Happen to Me

When people ask me what it’s like to have three siblings, I tell them that life without a big family just wouldn't feel right. They were my first playmates, the people who helped me when I fell off my bike and were even there for my first haircut (thanks to my older brother). I couldn’t imagine life without my siblings. Growing up with three other siblings taught me social skills and most importantly, led me to my best friends. We all suffered through my parents’ divorce together and relate to the crazy antics of our family. I appreciate them more than anything. Here are the reasons why I love having a big family.

  1. 1. They always have my back. 

    An old photo of four siblings.

    I remember in kindergarten when a girl told me I wasn’t allowed to sit where the fifth graders were at the carpool. I told my older sister who was in fifth grade and my older brother who was in third grade at the time. They ended up going up to the girl and telling her off on my behalf. 

  2. 2. They are my friends no matter what.

    Siblings at a restaurant.

    When I had birthday parties, I never had to worry about the number of friends coming. Most of the time I would only have two of my closest friends and my siblings, because they always made up for the lack of people. 

  3. 3. They are my biggest supporters and I’m theirs too.

    Smiling after a college graduation.

    When I got into college, they were the first to know and hype me up. When my brother made the honor roll, I told all my friends. When my sister got a promotion, everyone I was talking to at the time got to hear about it. 

  4. 4. They give me tough love.

    Kids in the pool.

    It’s sometimes hard when you don’t know a person as well to be more realistic with advice, but my siblings are always real with me. They sometimes have to tell me when I need to cut a toxic friendship off. They call me out on things because they know I have more potential and want me to thrive. They push me to be my best. 

  5. 5. They are protective of me. 

    A family dressed up for a special occasion.

    As most siblings are, we have those days of being annoyed with each other. Sometimes my brothers get on my nerves or my sister gets annoyed that I don't take her advice. But at the end of the day, if someone were to talk badly of one of us, we would defend each other until the bitter end. 

  6. 6. They give me unconditional love.

    multicolored LED heart on wall

    Although we don’t say it a lot, we all love each other. Sometimes they get on my nerves, but I know it’s all out of love. They will always be there to pick up the pieces of my heart when someone hurts me. 

I wouldn't trade the world for my siblings. They make my life brighter, better and more entertaining. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for my siblings.