Why Millie Bobby Brown is Slaying the Fashion World Right Now

With the release of the second season of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown and her costars have been promoting the show, and Brown has been coming out with these amazing outfits. They make you wonder how a 13-year-old can have better style than most women. Now, of course, she has a stylist, and brands ask her to wear their clothes, but what makes Millie Bobby Brown unique, is that she pulls it off with class and slays my entire life.

With the numerous outfits, she has shown the world, I (after lots of contemplation) chose my top five favorite looks.  

Number 1. On her press tour for season two, she went on the Jimmy Fallon show. The combination of her hairstyle, and jogger-style pants, with the chunky heels, just make a look that only she would be able to pull off. Not to mention, the sunglasses she wore while performing her rap- I immediately went searching for similar ones, to get my hands on some.

Number 2. At the 2017 Emmy Awards. Some were not a fan of this dress, but I adored it. It was perfect for her age, while still maintaining a fashion-forward look. She wore a Calvin Klein strapless white ballerina-style dress, and it fit her very well. It was perfect for her age- it did not make her look too old, but still made her glamorous for her first Emmy’s award show.

Number 3. On her way to an appearance on Good Morning America, Brown wore a pair of Gucci heels. These heels were all over Instagram and made everyone realize that Millie Bobby Brown’s fashion sense is iconic. Her patriotic look fit her very well and made her look very elegant. Take notes people. 

Number 4. When I saw her wearing these Louis Vuitton sneakers, my jaw dropped. I was obsessed with the “straight of the runway” look, and especially the sunglasses- channeling the 80s style from her show, she added small black round sunglasses to the ensemble and are simply my new obsession.

Number 5. On another part of her press tour, Brown wore a Gambia pre-fall skirt and blazer set that was to die for. Not only is the print stunning, but what she paired it with made it spectacular. The blacked out cat eye sunglasses- slaying. Black turtleneck- amazing. And lastly, the black ankle boots- gorgeous. Not only do I need that outfit for myself, but I need her entire wardrobe.

If you want to check out more of her outfits check out Elle UK’s style file- http://www.elleuk.com/fashion/celebrity-style/articles/g32307/millie-bobby-browns-style-file/ You’ll thank me later.

Photos are from Millie Bobby Brown's Instagram page.