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Ever since I can remember, I have had dogs in my life. They are the greatest companion, loving, sweet, and snuggly. Some of them can even be some awesome motivators for your 2018 resolutions like working out and going running. A growing number of people have realized the benefits of having an emotional support animal in your life (but you should NEVER try to register your animal as an ESA if they aren’t actually one…more on that another time).  Since leaving my little pooch, Allie, back with my parents to go to college, I decided to start volunteering at an animal shelter. That was nine months ago. Now more than ever, I am a firm believer in adopting pets. There are so many reasons for anyone to adopt rather than buy from a breeder or pet shop. 

  1. Animal shelters are more concerned with the well-being of the dog than a pet shop would be. My animal shelter runs a very thorough behavior and health check prior to adopting the dog out to anyone. We would never adopt out a dog that had any type of behavioral or health concerns without making the issue known or fixing the issue prior to adoption. 
  2. It is much cheaper to adopt. Dogs start at $75 at my shelter in particular, but we do sometimes have specials or someone will sponsor the dog, meaning it could be completely free! And you’re not just getting your new furry baby; sterilization, treatment for any parasites, a microchip, core vaccines, a heartworm test, and a free post-adoption vet exam are all included in your adoption fee. 
  3. Shelter dogs may already be trained. The most common reason for dogs ending up in our shelter is landlord issues. This means that the dog likely was in a very loving family, used to home life, and may even have some training up their sleeves. In most cases, animals from pet shops have lived most of their lives in cages. 
  4. Adopting fights against puppy mills. If you don’t know what a puppy mill is, just imagine a factory that makes puppies. They treat them as merchandise and not sentient beings who are so intelligent and capable of love. If you still are not convinced that puppy mills are bad news, just Google some images of puppy mills. 
  5. With so many doggies in shelters, it makes no sense to breed more dogs. Approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized every year because of lack of space in shelters. So why is it that even more dogs are being bred annually when there is already a surplus in shelters?


If you need even more convincing that adoption is an amazing option for you and the doggies, here are some pictures of animals currently in my shelter:

Here is Jack. 

Here is Sweety. 

Here is Red. 

Here is Peppermint. 


Here is the link to my shelter, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando (which never euthanizes for space or finances, BTW). 

Here is the link to the Florida Humane Society. 

Here is a website with even more resources and facts about adopting




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I am currently a senior at my beloved University of Central Florida! I am majoring in early childhood education, and I hope to one day teach kindergarten. I also hope to start a blog about my teaching shenanigans down the road. For now, I spend my days reading, exploring the theme parks, and enjoying all that my city beautiful has to offer! I love dogs, The Office, and long walks on the beach.
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