Why Grey's Anatomy Deserves More Recognition

Picture this: It’s your first day as a surgical intern. You trudge into work, tired from the eventful night spent with the cute guy who may or may not have woken up on your living room floor. You step off the elevator and make your way through the big, intimidating doors, only to find that your McDreamy from the bar is now your McBoss at the hospital. Sound familiar?

If your heart was just instantly flooded with the rollercoaster of emotions that accompanies Grey’s Anatomy, you know you’re a true fan, and you know that your show is the best show to have ever graced our television screens. So why is it that the same show we hold so near and dear to our hearts isn’t mutually adored across the board? Shocking, we know.

The Grey’s that we all know and love is a thrilling medical drama that teaches us important lessons about friendship, self-acceptance, and overcoming obstacles. As Ellis Grey so graciously reminded us, the carousel never stops turning. Die-hard Grey’s fans can confirm that watching the show feels like experiencing every ounce of pain and joy that the characters feel. I mean, we practically consider ourselves medical professionals at this point after the 14 seasons of following our favorite TV doctors as they grow and learn at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Grey’s Anatomy not only makes a point of enforcing a strong theme of friendship and love, but creator Shonda Rhimes is not afraid to tackle the big real life stuff, such as incorporating iconic gay couples and appointing the first black female Chief of Surgery, our favorite Miranda Bailey. Grey’s Anatomy has and will continue to be a show ahead of its time in terms of addressing sociocultural issues in our society. I mean, how many other TV shows can say they feature a recurring female doctor role who happens to be Muslim? Way to go, Shonda!  

Whether or not you ship Slexie or Calzona, or prefer Meredith over Cristina, the one thing all of us Grey’s Anatomy enthusiasts can agree on is this: our Thursday nights could never be the same without Grey’s Anatomy. This show has enriched our lives and influenced us in the most positive way, due to the incorporation of strong female empowerment, racial equality, acceptance of gay couples, and the overwhelming message to love yourself no matter who does or doesn’t love you back. Grey’s Anatomy is a show that everyone can find something to relate to in one way or another, and that’s why we feel this show deserves a Harper Avery Award of its own!

So, the next time it’s a lazy Friday and you decide to call it a night with a bag of chips and your good pal Netflix, consider bingeing Grey’s Anatomy—because it’s beyond clear to see that this series deserves way more recognition.

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