Why Going to UCF is Amazing!

This is for all the past, present, and future Knights.

No, we aren’t known as one of the most prestigious schools in the nation, or have a long history as an institution, but that’s because we’re making history now. So watch out world! UCF isn’t just “that huge school” or “Central Florida," we are the 2nd largest University in the nation and we are THE UNIVERSITY of Central Florida and you know what, that’s something to be proud of. Our football team won our first BCS Bowl Game as a twenty point underdog in 2014, our baseball team is in the top 10 in the nation for the first time in school history, and just as our sports teams are advancing, so is our education. UCF Engineering students made a prosthetic arm for a 6 year-old boy and were honored by Robert Downey JR. These are just some of the many amazing everyday occurrences of history in the making at UCF. We’re a university that’s only going to prosper as we get more recognized, more school spirted, and bleed more black and gold. The reasons why the University of Central Florida is amazing are endless, but these are some of the reasons why going here are legen...wait for it…DARY.

We have it all, Orlando is happenin'. Fun things to do surround the Orlando area. Although UCF is in such a big city, it still feels like a college town once you're apart of it and that's what's great. We get the best of both worlds. There's unlimited shopping malls/outlets, beaches, recreational activities, parks, downtown, restaurants, concerts at the Amway Center, movie theaters, night life, everything! You can even take a random day trip to Daytona Beach, what a privilege.

Our beautiful campus- Everyone’s been guilty of the one-too-many Reflection Pond pictures on Instagram but how can you not adore it? Our campus is so clean and manicured it’s one of the many reasons I fell in love with UCF in the first place. We’re relatively new compared to a lot of the Florida schools so everything just seems fresh. Walking down near memory mall and the strip by the Towers gives the ultimate city feel—and it’s even better around the holidays when Light up UCF comes rolling in.

Theme parks GALORE!  We’re spoiled, by just a short drive and a discounted ticket later, we can make any spontaneous theme park trip during the weekend (and let’s not forget Universal Knights where we can get in for free). *April 12th, by the way* Citywalk and Downtown Disney also make for lots of fun and getting discounted student tickets for all the exitement around Orlando is also a plus.

2nd largest in the nation has never felt so good! We’re advantaged in this category because we dominate contests and represent our school. Remember when Victoria’s Secret PINK came and partied with us? And how could we forget Ed Sheeran who’s coming shortly!? All the fun aside, it’s actually pretty magnificant (and impressive) to be able to say you attend the “2nd largest school in the nation.”

Job opportunities- We have job opportunities at our fingertips, there’s endless places to work in the Orlando area for all majors. Hospitality, Engineering, Advertising, Sports, Business, Marketing, Pre-med, the list can go on forever because Orlando provides so many job ops for everyone. UCF has so many services to help us get involved and connected too- there seems like there's never ending career and internship fairs going on in the Pegasus Ballroom.

The BEST college tradition- SPIRIT SPLASH need I say more?

On campus utilities- Our gorgeous two-story Recreation and Wellness Center speaks for itself. We also have the Leisure Pool, the Robinson Observatory, adventurous trails, the Lake Clair Recreation center, maintenance for dorms, yummy places to eat on campus and well, basically everything. Our football stadium is going to be renovated and the plan looks so awesome. UCF also has hundreds of clubs and intramural sports to get involved in as well as Greek Life- trust me there's something for everyone.

The diversity- Being such an immense university, there’s a wide range of diversity at our school. Every day walking around campus I hear voices and see faces of those who speak different languages and are of all different races and it makes me feel very lucky. As a UCF student, I have the opportunity of connecting with people from all over the world and can make friends with people who share different values, have different beliefs, and come from all kinds of different backgrounds. It’s rewarding and it pushes me to come out of my comfort zone.

There’s honestly so much I could mention about why I love UCF but those are the top reasons. I don’t want my time here to come to an end, because this school has provided me with everything. Choosing to be a Knight is the best decision I have ever made and I love being involved with such large institution that’s making history. Because I know am a part of it.