Where is Makeup Headed in 2019?

New and emerging trends, products and sheer self-expression have kept the beauty sphere innovative and ever-changing. Beauty has been around since the Egyptians used berries to darken their lips. However, it's taking on a new face as 2019 rolls around with new product launches that show how much this industry has grown. Makeup used to be regarded simply for the enhancement of beauty but in 2019, it's getting a new definition.

The Morphe x James Charles artistry palette is just one of the product launches that has lead the beauty community to begin a new artistic demonstration. Now brands are coming out with ingenious products we didn’t know we needed. 2019 is the year for expanding color ranges and using makeup to create new trends. Makeup has evolved from just a simple complexion routine to include steps where we shade and highlight our best features while creating an intricate masterpiece on the eyes.

After browsing and doing research on the latest products, I have found launches that show how much our beauty routine has changed. One that caught my eye the most was the MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer. Yes, you heard right. Self-setting, as in no need for powder to prevent under eye creasing. Concealer has always gone hand in hand with powder, and now we've become so innovative that we're making that step obsolete.

Some of the biggest innovations in makeup involve how makeup is presented and applied to the face. KAJA came out with Roller Glow Roll-On Highlighting Balm, a highlighter that includes a paint roller brush and a creamy highlight. This adds so much ease to makeup application. Highlight was a bold new addition to makeup routines and this product just makes it that much easier to get a perfect glow. One of the craziest launches in terms of how product is applied comes from Stila. They came out with spray on powder to help set your face just that much quicker. This one seems little more gimmick-y than the rest, but would still be cool to try.

Drug store brands have also been trying to rival higher end brands by coming out with similar product launches at a more affordable price. Farsali and Tatcha are two high end brands that E.l.f, a drugstore favorite, is trying to surpass. Recently, it seems to have been doing so by coming out with jelly highlighters which can be compared to the infamous Farsali ones.

Now, all the cool new products aren’t just at Sephora—you can find comparable ones for the same quality but for a cheaper price. Tatcha and Tarte also have changed how we prime our faces. Primers are a pretty new beauty step in our routines. Introduced to make makeup last longer, there have been dozens of different types. Silicone primers have alway been a fan-favorite, and now instead of liquid, these brands have introduced a solid balm to be used as a primer. E.l.f has also joined the trend by releasing their own version. Beauty guru Jeffree Star raved about E.l.f’s version, making it sold out nearly everywhere.

Not only is the beauty industry revamping old products, they are also adding new ones we never knew we needed. Tarte has come out with Treasure Pot Glitter Gel which will add an intense flare of glitter not found in any other product. Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Double Ended Eyeshadows is also a creative way to add sparkle and shine to the eyes in a fast and simple way. L.A. Girl Pro Matte Mixing Pigment seems to expand artistry by allowing you to mix your perfect shade. It's great if you're a working makeup artist looking to expand your shade range.

As you can tell, the beauty community has hit the ground running in 2019. We can expect a bunch of launches that will for sure spark creativity. The beauty community is growing and never seems to stop innovating!

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