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What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

Halloween is right around the corner, which means every girls is freaking out over what costume to wear! Do you do a duo costume, a class costume, or a giant group costume? Do you go cute, fun, or sexy? The possibitlities are endless! After some major contemplation, you’ll finally come to a decision and here’s what that costume choice says about you! 

1. Group costume 

Group costumes are for the inseprable group of friends that just can’t imagine not dressing up together. Your group can squad out in some killer outfits like the classic Cheetah Girls. Maybe you’ll even take the Orange Is The New Black costume approach. You already have your Insta caption ready and you know exaclty what pose you and your squad are going to do. 

2. Sexy costume 

Halloween is your one night to put on whatever you want and not get judged for it. If you’re feeling the cute sexy outfit then go for it girl! Inevitably your outfit will definitely land on the basic side like a sexy sailor or nurse…but at least you know you’ll look hot wearing it! 

3. Funny costume 

You would rather be humerous and get some laughs instead of dress cute. Your outfit will definitely be a conversation starter and your totally OK with that. You’d rather be the life of the party who doesn’t really care what she looks like. You still want to look cute, but you’d rather make fun of yourself than show some extra cleavage. 

4. The couples costume 

You and your boyfriend are probably going to be something basic like the Flintstones or some Scooby-Doo costume as Fred and Daphne. Your Insta pics will come out super cute and everyone will wish they had a guy to dress up with them. You’re going to have to take one for the team and skip out on dressing up with your friends, but it’s cool because you’d rather dress with him. 

5. The basic costume 

This is the costume you know every single girl is going to dress as, but you still do it anyway. It’s super cute though so you’re totally willing to wear it even though you know you won’t be the only one. You’ll probably be one of the Harley Quinn’s of the night but don’t be surpirsed when ever other girl is dressed exactly like you too. 

6. The “I’m over it” costume 

Halloween is totally not your holiday and you quite frankly don’t care about dressing up. You don’t want to be completley lame so you’ll dress up a little but it’ll be the least ammount of effort possible. You’re going to be that girl who shows up in the oversized shirt that says “This is my costume.”

7. The scary costume 

You actually take Halloween seriously and plan on wearing a scary costume. You’d rather wear fake blood or look like a zombie than dress super cute. All the power to you, and I give you props for your makeup skills. It’s not easy to make it look like there’s a fake bullet on your forehead. 



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