What Your Among Us Color Says About You

Among Us consists of typing “where?” after a body is reported, running aimlessly trying to find a task, f*ck boys asking pink for their Snapchat username, and calling emergency meetings because “RED VENTED!” It's a game that's taken the world by storm, gaining popularity virtually overnight. Its cute characters, fun tasks and straightforward rules have garnered the attention of many. Whether you’re an Imposter or a Crewmate, Among Us is truly a fun time, and with twelve different avatars to choose from, the color you pick reflects your personality and the tactics you most likely use to win the game.

  1. 1. Red

    Definitely the most sus of all. You’re in every conversation in the chat, and because of your loud voice, the Crewmates either trust you or question your intentions. You probably run around the entire time, forgetting about your tasks, and you’re usually the one to find the body 98% of the time. When you’re not the Imposter, you probably accuse people because of a “gut feeling,” and you’re somehow always right. When people start saying you’re sus, you always have the best alibi to keep you safe, but when people don’t believe you, you rage quit and leave the game. 

  2. 2. Pink

    You’re a baby, uwu. You will try anything to maintain your innocent demeanor, even if that means pretending not to know the rules of the game. And it works. You could be venting around and sabotaging everyone, and yet no one would vote you out because you’ll say “I was wiring in Electrical.” Red always accuses you of being sus but they’d get voted off long before you would. In real life, you’re probably a sweetheart, but when someone wrongs you, you GO OFF.

  3. 3. Black

    You’re the one who’s excellent at both roles and almost always the one who has a particular strategy when going into a game. But your strategy makes the game harder and confuses everyone around you. Some may say you’re suspiciously friendly, and you most likely have a pet with you. Because of your detective skills and efficient task-doing as a Crewmate, you’ll be accused as sus and you probably won’t defend yourself well. In life, you’re trustworthy, loyal and stubborn. 

  4. 4. Blue

    You’re all over the place. You either know exactly what you’re doing or you have no clue what’s going on. When you’re the Imposter, you always self-report. You talk way too much in the chat, and others find you annoying because you’re always asking someone to watch you scan. You have constant mood swings, which ultimately causes you to look sus as a Crewmate or blow your cover as an Imposter. You lie about where you were and it always gets you caught. 

  5. 5. Brown

    Oh, Brown. You're a mess. You blame people with no proof, give false information, vote instantly without evidence, and when accused, your response is a mess. You always act sus but you’re almost never the Imposter. In the rare case that you are the Imposter, you vent and kill in front of others which gets you voted off instantly, so you never get to enjoy the Imposter glory for long. Basically, your chaotic energy is unmatched, and in life, you'd much rather joke around than be serious.

  6. 6. Lime

    You are the quietest player in the room. You easily disappear in the game and either do all of your tasks silently, or you don’t do them at all. People often don’t know what to call you so when you’re being accused, some say green and it gets the actual Green player voted off. You know everything about the game but don’t share that with the rest of the players, and you love throwing Cyan under the bus. When others are sus of you, you have excellent persuasive skills that manage to save you until the very end. 

  7. 7. Green

    You’re the Imposter 9 out of 10 times. People never know where you are because the vents are your favorite place to be. When accused, you get way too angry and cuss everyone out. When you’re not the Imposter, you always manage to find out who it is, but when you accuse them, people don’t believe you and they vote you off. When you manage to survive the game for long, you watch the chaos unfold around you, yet you just run around and mind your business. You also love flirting with Pink and you’re quick to ask for her Snap. You’re a strategic and passionate player.

  8. 8. Orange

    You like to dress as a carrot. You’re sus of anyone who follows you around, and it’s almost always White. You almost never get accused and you're a master at doing tasks quickly. If you’re an Imposter, no one will know until the end of the game. Since you’re so chill, other players simply forget about you and that helps you live until the end. 

  9. 9. Yellow

    Both in the game and in real life, you’re extremely friendly. Because of this, other players trust you, and that comes in handy when you’re the Imposter. When you’re a Crewmate, you don’t like being alone and you stick with someone for an alibi. People love accusing you because of your innocent act, even though half of the time you’re just confused. You're active in the chat and you always accidentally accuse someone who is already dead. Despite your bubbly nature, you have no problem (literally) stabbing your friends in the back and running from the truth. 

  10. 10. Purple

    You’re unstoppable. You’re clear about who you think the Imposter is (in the rare case that it’s not you), and you’re most likely the “mom” of your friend group (IRL). As an Imposter, you only sabotage lights and fake tasks like a master. You aim to kill, eliminating any threats that come your way, but when you’re caught it’s most likely in cams. As a Crewmate, you most likely get voted off quickly because the Imposter probably lied that you’re sus since you’re their biggest threat. You’re smart, logical and confident.

  11. 11. White

    You’re a sneaky minx. As an Imposter, you love hiding in vents, you do double kills, and you organize who’s safe in the chat (and sneak yourself onto the list). As a Crewmate, you don’t focus on tasks well but are quick to fix sabotages. Some see you as a “tryhard,” while you think of yourself as a good detective. Despite your lack of focus, you almost never get accused of being sus

  12. 12. Cyan

    People love claiming that you’re sus in the chat. You’re easy to accuse, and you take the blame for everything even when you weren’t near the situation. You get annoyed because no one ever believes your side of the story because of how messy your explanation is. You typically run around watching others do tasks, and you're quick to fix emergencies. You also love accusing people with no evidence to back your claims. As an Imposter, you take out all of that bottled-up anger on the players. This causes you not to be super careful, which again causes people to say you’re sus. Your eager nature is charming IRL, but it’s the reason why people don’t trust you in the game. 

Among Us has been a cultural reset in 2020, and if you haven’t played already, what are you waiting for? Get the app, pick your color, and whatever you do, don’t be sus!