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What a Guy’s Apartment Says About Them

I’m sure we all have our fair share of awkward, embarrassing, surprising, and ridiculous moments in a guy’s apartment. I think I can go ahead and safely say that girls value their personal space a tad more than the average college guy does. The majority of the time, the things you can mostly expect when going over to your boyfriend or friend’s place are clothes strewn across every surface, dishes from three weeks ago, empty water bottles and very smelly shoes. But what about those not-so-common paraphernalia you spot from the corner of your eye? I have a short list of those bizarre moments I have experienced as well as stories from friends. My goal is to simply answer the question of, “What does that mean…?” This is my best attempt of finding my way through the black hole of a man’s mind.

1. An Excessive Amount of Movie Memorabilia
Everyone has a favorite movie, sure. But not everyone is obsessed with a certain movie. When I say obsessed, I mean the whole enchilada: bed sheets, multiple posters, lampshades and even their towels – all from the same movie. Clearly this male has not grasped the reality of this situation. It’s worse when the movie isn’t even good. So what exactly does this mean? One word: commitment issues. Too much commitment.

2. Towels
Something so simple yet so important. A simple towel can determine if a guy has the ability to perform simple tasks, all for the sake of cleanliness. If a guy can simply hang his towel back up on the towel rack when he is done using it every day, then that means the world. Consistency of simple tasks is so important. So what does this mean? One word: responsibility.

3. Books. Or the Lack Thereof.
Textbooks are one thing; they are required to have those. It is refreshing to see that anybody actually still voluntarily reads a novel as opposed to wasting the day away watching Netflix. The lack of books can mean laziness or the potential for a middle-school sized vocabulary. What does the presence of books mean? One word: intelligence.

4. His Roommates
It is completely understandable if a guy decides to take the risk of random roommates and then gets stuck with total oddballs. But what if he actually chooses to live with them? It’s hard enough to handle our guys alone. So the idea that he chose to live with three other people just like him is very unsettling. The case of bad roommates can cause problems that really are unsolvable. It’s not easy to change someone’s personality. Just keep an open mind and try to feel at least a little lucky that your guy isn’t as crazy as the others. So, what does his personally chosen roommates mean? One word: boundaries. He cannot let himself get too comfortable.

So, bringing this all together: Only having one of these characteristics is not too bad. Just make sure the guy you have your eye on does not do all of these. You could have a serious situation on your hands. Obviously, this is not true for every member of the male species. This is a list of experiences that seem to be true with the majority of guys between the ages of 18 and 25. There are always exceptions that help keep us girls with the hope of finding Prince Charming. We just have to remember that no one is perfect.

 Keegan is a sophomore at UCF majoring in Environmental Studies and is part of the HCUCF team as an editorial writer. Keegan is obsessed with all things Disney and is currently training for a marathon. If she survives, she will attend law school and dedicate her life to making the hospitality industry as environmentally friendly as possible. 
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