What a Great Time It Is To Be a New Avengers Fan

This article contains spoilers from WandaVision.

As a person who goes to school full time, has a job, does research, and volunteers, free time isn't anything I'm used to having. Last March, when the world lost its mind and COVID-19 broke out, I ended up getting a ton of free time. With that, I started watching the entire Star Wars franchise (which is a whole other tangent of itself) and watched all the MCU movies chronologically and fell in love. 

Once again, thanks to COVID-19, it's been a long time since any new MCU movies have been made. I've seen movies here and there, like Infinity War and Endgame (and all of the Spider-Man movies, of course), but I had never really been sucked into the universe until last year. I spent the better half of last year excited for Black Widow, but that consistently was pushed back and back. When the news dropped about WandaVision, I became instantly pumped; this would be the first installment in the universe as a new fan that I could experience with the rest of the fandom. 

The first two episodes were interesting, to say the least. Given that I've recently seen every single movie in the universe, I still had a fresh mind on watching new MCU content. Nothing is really what it seems on the surface level. I could tell how broken Wanda was at the end of Endgame, and it made no sense to me how WandaVision was even taking place.

Now, so many weeks later, I can't wrap my head around how brilliant the show is. There isn't a single detail that isn't thoroughly thought and planned out. Watching WandaVision opens the doors even more for me, since I'm now planning on embarking on the journey of watching the X-Men movies — well, because of WandaVision and my newfound love of Evan Peters.

The new Falcon and the Winter Soldier commercial dropped during the Super Bowl this year, and that sent me over the moon because I can just feel in my bones how good it's going to be. I genuinely find myself getting more and more excited each week for the next installment of WandaVision. It even made me watch Age of Ultron, which felt underwhelming at first but ends up getting paid off in such an amazing way. Even though Wanda is supposed to be the villain, I'm rooting for her and hoping that there's more to the story. But for now? I guess I'll be rewatching Age of Ultron to find more details that I can use to create theories. 

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