What Being a Knight Really Means

Attending the University of Central Florida has its perks: there are plenty of opportunities to make new friends, discover a host of majors and find your passion through clubs. However, after speaking with a few students on campus, I learned that calling yourself a Knight has much more value than these three factors alone. Without further ado, here are student responses to what being a Knight really means.


You find a sense of community.

Being a Knight means joining a community of students that are academically driven and willing to succeed. It's also a community of students who are exploring their interests through clubs and organizations and looking to have a great time.

According to a freshman art major, the artistic community provides an outlet for nonjudgmental expression and is also very inclusive.  

Another student found an embracing community within a religious organization, saying that the Life Group has “challenged me in a healthy way” and has helped in establishing “strong foundations and an overall sense of family.”

Regardless of the community you find on campus, UCF grants you this sense of family. Spending your time with like-minded people allows you to make new friends that support and encourage you. It also boosts your confidence and willingness to try new things.


You discover your passion.

Being a Knight means there are various ways to discover your passion. For example, after joining multiple clubs that pertained to my interests, I found what I wanted to major in. I knew that I loved writing and essentially wanted to use my creativity for positive purposes. Then, I was introduced to the advertising and public relations major and fell in love.

Additionally, UCF offered unique ways to explore my interests. Professors allowed me to sit in on classes to see if the subject material caught my attention. Advisers showed me comprehensive personality tests that reinforced my personality and showed relevant career interests. Club officers showed me the inner workings of their organization to show me what they do daily.


Overall, the amount of resources the school offers to help discover your passion makes me incredibly proud to be a Knight.

You grow into the best version of yourself.

Although it sounds daunting, being a Knight means growing into who you want to be and becoming a better—if not the best—version of yourself. By living on your own, you learn about independence and all the factors that go into it.

You can fully make your own decisions and learn from your mistakes. It's freeing and helps to make you more aware of right from wrong. Ultimately, you become more in tune with your surroundings and can make better judgments.


With all that being said, being a Knight is much more than participating in Spirit Splash or spending most of the day at the Reflection Pond. It’s about finding a sense of community that will allow you to discover your passion and become more mature. Although I only just finished my first year, UCF is my home away from home that has shaped me into who I am today. I love it here and I hope that you do too.

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