We've Found Dory!

Finding Nemo and self-proclaimed Disney fans in general unite! The trailer for the movie Finding Dory has been released and it feels SO good! Ever since the sequel was announced  back in 2012, I've been awaiting the day when my friends and I step into the movie theater with our tub of popcorn and soda to relive our childhood memories as a new generation of kids form new ones.

In the film, Dory, Nemo, Martin and the gang begin the quest to search for Dory's family, (cue whispering), "Dory has a family?? And she remembers???"

All jokes aside, June 2016 can't come fast enough, and I know I won't be the only college kid first in line to buy my ticket. And one more thing everyone....just keep swimming.

Psstt, still waiting for The Incredibles 2, if anyone at Pixar is listening....