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We Get It, You Hate Valentine’s Day

I find it necessary to openly say that I am by no means Valentine’s Day’s biggest cheerleader. Trust me, when the holiday rolls around I am no fan of giant stuffed teddy bears taking up space in the Walgreens aisle, where there could be veggie straws or assorted colored pens instead. I also don’t appreciate that I’m surrounded by chocolate the entire month of February, and thus feel inclined to eat it. And lastly, I’m definitely not a supporter of every single girl in a relationship from my high school posting photos of their silver heart shaped necklace that their boyfriend, Matthew, bought for them.

But, I’ve never understood the universal concept of truly just despising Valentine’s Day. Let’s be honest, most couples are gross every month of the year, so what makes February 14th such a sad day for single girls across America? Couples are going to make-out inside of the student union, hold hands while walking through campus when you’re trying to pass them, and laugh out loud at their annoying flirty texts while in class every other day. So why are we all getting drunk and crying about this only one day of the year?

The ironic part is, most of the girls who are so upset on Valentine’s Day spend almost every other day of the year expressing to the world how great it is to be ~*single&independent*~ So, rather than obsessing over all of these couples who you complain about most of the year, why not spend the day simply doing the things you love to do? Spend the day shopping for yourself- let’s be honest, near any thing from Urban Outfitters beats a heart shaped box of chocolates and bouquet of flowers that are going to die in a week. Or, keep your pajamas on the entire day and binge watch an entire series; it’s Sunday, what’s better than being the laziest person in your apartment complex? Or, why not head to the bar and order unlimited mimosas for Sunday Funday- don’t drink because you’re sad, drink because you don’t need a reason to.

Personally, I will be spending this Sunday at brunch eating a breakfast burrito, followed by heading to my local Pet Smart to play with puppies, and I will most likely be ending the night with an episode (or eight) of New Girl, which will of course be accompanied by a giant glass of red wine.

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