We All Need Yeezus

I had the inspiration to write this article based on my experiences during history class. While listening to a lecture, I spotted one of my friends sitting next to me who wears Yeezys and carries a Gucci backpack.

Meet Alexio Musleh, a video clip editor and producer and photographer in-the-making. I was fascinated by his boujee style and was curious to learn more about his thoughts and opinions on designer brands. I focused on Yeezys, a collaboration between athletic-wear brand Adidas and rapper-turned-designer Kanye West, because it is a well-known product on the market. I was able to interview Alexio about his fashion sense and gain a better feel for what Yeezys mean to him. 

  1. 1. What makes Yeezys unique to you or your style and personality?

    "I am not a person that buys a lot of shoes and when I do buy a pair of shoes, I used them to wear them out. When I saw Yeezys, I fell immediately in love. I saw them, they were so unique that I just had to get them." 

  2. 2. How does Kanye West inspire you through fashion?

    "I didn't know Kanye West until I bought the shoes. I never really have been into fashion."

  3. 3. Would you recommend to your friends? What would you say to them in order to convince them to purchase Yeezys?

    "I would 100% recommend them to my friends since they're extremely comfortable, but I would not try to convince them since they are extremely expensive."

  4. 4. Describe Yeezys in 3 words.

    "Unique, comfortable and stylish."

  5. 5. Where would you be without Yeezys?

    "I would be in the same place where I am now, just not with a pair of shoes that I can wear every day and give my feet a satisfying walking time."

Oh YEEZUS! It's pretty clear that Alexio Musleh loves his Yeezys.

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