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Vince Camuto Comes to UCF

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

The Vince Camuto Brand is known for their style at unparalleled value. Their product is inspired by contemporary trend, yet they strive to be timeless in interpretation. The Vince Camuto target market is for trendsetters of all ages. Their brand has recently hit college campuses by storm through the Vince Camuto on Campus program


Each Vince Camuto on Campus program has two representatives; one representative acts as the campus manager and the other is called the fashionista. The campus manager acts as a lead brand representative. The fashionista’s goal is to contribute to brand awareness, tactic execution and digital growth. More specifically, they promote the brand with online contests, promotional items and live events. 

“What makes this program special is that it is bringing a sense of fashion to the typical college student,” said UCF fashionista representative, Taylor Dante. “Showing them that you do not always have to go to class in your sweat pants but can be fabulous in a baggy sweater, skinny jeans, and a pair of leather boots.”

Each campus involved in this program will host various competitions and activities throughout the semester. The popular Style Tug of War contest has already been done this semester, but other events such as the Campus Hunt Drop Off will be done around the end of March at different universities.

The Campus Hunt includes one day where a representative goes to a secret on-campus hot spot for this special hunt’s gift drop. The gift drop will include Vince Camuto handbags, sunglasses, gift cards, t-shirts and more. The earliest students there will get the best items of the bunch! Students will receive hints via the Vince Camuto College Facebook page as to when and where the representatives will be on campus.

Vince Camuto has more than those items to offer fashionsitas. Their brand has a variety of products to choose from in their collection. This variety is one reason that their brand is becoming so popular. The products that they currently operate with are: footwear, outerwear, sunglasses, handbags, small leather goods, belts, optical frames, jewelry, women’s fragrance, sportswear, home, cold weather accessories, swim and dress. They are starting a men’s line that will be launching soon that will include men’s fragrance, footwear and casual wear.


Last year, Vince Camuto was on college campuses all over the U.S. including: Arizona State, Auburn, Boston, George Washington, Syracuse, UCLA, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas and Vanderbilt. The program has become more widespread this year, reaching 50 universities. It is growing quickly.

“I love working for Vince Camuto. They are an up-and-coming brand that can be described as modern, feminine, and bold all at the same time,” said Dante. 

UCF Contributor