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Viewers BEWARE: Go Crazy for The New Season of American Horror Story: Asylum

CAUTION: The article you’re about to read may contain material that will scare the living daylights out of you. After countless nominations and awards at the Emmy’s for this horrific yet seductive show, American Horror Story is back and more terrifying than ever. For those of you who have watched the last season of American Horror Story, this season is said to be even more complex and lustful, but the scariest part is where it’s located: An asylum. Yes, that’s right. A haunted, psychopath filled asylum. This FX show is taking it even farther this season, and here at Her Campus we have the inside scoop for you to be ready for this upcoming show starting Wednesday, October 17 at 10 o’clock. Be afraid, be very afraid!

The Cast

American Horror Story surely knows how to please their viewers. Many characters from last season are back in the second season, including the one and only insane, but also insanely hot, Tate. Not to mention his love-to-hate, hate-to-love mother is back as well as a few others. The people from last season will have completely new roles, playing different characters in this new season. Characters who were enemies last year can be seen as civil or even friendly to each other now. But what’s most exciting is the newest member to the American Horror Story cast: Adam Levine. Oh yes, the certified hunk and lead singer of Maroon 5 who makes our hearts melt is now screamtastic on the new season at the asylum.

The Plot
Knowing that the season will be in an asylum, we can expect the plot to be just as crazy as where it’s located. The show is set in the past, the 1960s to be specific, where nuns operate and run this building for the critically insane. Jessica Lange (Tate’s mother in last season) will be the head nun of the asylum, and just knowing that she’s in charge can predict this season will be more terrifying and complex than before.

The Horror and Lust

Unlike last year where the season took place in a house with family filled drama, some hints and teasers have been let out that there will be crazy situations going on within the mental house: alien invasions on top of crazy serial killers within the asylum. Not to mention, there will be tons of seductive, sinful scenes as always that will keep you on the edge of your seat (fingers crossed that there are some with Adam Levine!)

“Like” American Horror Story on Facebook
Want to check out more season teasers and start to get frightened for the new season before it begins? On Facebook, if you “Like” American Horror Story: Asylum, you can view mini clips of the new season, which leave you enthralled for what is to happen, and of course, afraid. These videos have been coming out for over a month now, and are giving subtle hints as to what will happen inside the asylum. I’ve watched each one so far, and I recommend watching them to get a closer view on the things to come, as well as make your own predictions.

I suggest if you can’t take the scare, stay out of the asylum! For all of you out there who have watched last season or have a liking for exciting thrillers, tune in to this new season of American Horror Story: Asylum for your weekly scaring. Happy screaming!


Katie Kardok is a feature writer for the Her Campus Editorial team at the University of Central Florida. Katie is currently a junior majoring in Psychology. She enjoys pilates, photography, and watching football. Fun fact: She is left handed!
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