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Unique Resumes That Landed The Perfect Job

Creating a resume can already be stressful due to the effort, past job experiences, and even the things that you should put on it to boost your credentials. Many of us use the standard text or the standard format just to get us by and hope that we can get a call back. Others have went outside the norm to create unique resumes that not only made them stand out, but landed them the perfect job for their field, respectively. Here are some examples:

Nicholas created a unique resume by using a "Resume Bar" and got the marketing job of his dream.


Sabrina landed her dream internship at CBS Radio by creating a unique resume based upon her Facebook. She was hired on the spot.


Carson landed his dream job as a graphic designer for a multi-million dollar company and used this as his resume.


Omandi Abudho was inspired by the gym and the creative concepts of a juice box that helped him to land the job of his dreams.


Hopefully, these resumes will inspire you and make you think "out of the box" when it comes to standing out!

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