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Unheard: A Perfectly Springtime Collection of Music

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Hozier, an Irish musician and singer-songwriter, recently released his newest EP, Unheard: with four songs in total, Too Sweet, Wildflower and Barley, Empire Now, and Fare Well. Nothing welcomes a new season quite like music, and it’s especially wonderful when that music captures the season as well.

Too Sweet is a song about two different, somewhat incompatible lovers. Upbeat melancholia, perhaps, is the best way to describe it. It reminds me of sitting alone in a café while there’s an April shower, and the scent of a vanilla dessert tickles your nose in just the right way.

“You know, you’re bright in the morning, as soft as the rain.”

Hozier, Too Sweet

Wildflower and Barley featuring Allison Russell is personally my favorite off of this EP. I can’t really decipher the meaning of this one yet it still manages to draw me in. I’m not a poet. But it’s lovely, nonetheless. Like sitting in a pretty meadow, painting underneath sunlight. Or fairies, it kind of makes me think of fairies. I love everything about it, the voices, the melody, the nature element that makes me want to go to a field and pick flowers in my prettiest dress.

“Springtime from my window, Another month has not much longer now.”

Hozier, Wildflower and Barley (feat. Allison Russell)

Then comes Empire Now. There’s a quote by Camille Paglia that goes “The Earth is scattered with the ruins of empires that believed they were eternal,” and I can’t help but think of those words when I first listened to this. There are so many stories, both fictional and real, that would fit with this song in the background. There’s something cinematic about it.

“The future’s so bright it’s burning.”

Hozier, Empire Now

Last is Fare Well. With the title alone, it’s a good closer for this EP. The lyrics are beautiful, creating a decent picture in the head. Although it’s not my favorite, I do appreciate its overall production.

“Any solitary pleasure that was sorrow in disguise.”

Hozier, Fare Well

All in all, I did enjoy this EP quite a lot and it’s been replayed at least a dozen times as one does with everything Hozier releases. Perfectly springtime, like I said.

Inayah Mahmood is a third year transfer student at UCF, meant to graduate in 2025. She loves to read mystery books and write stories as well. She spends the weekend shopping or watching rom-coms.