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‘Uncharted’ in Review — From a Long Time Fan’s Perspective

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As a longtime fan of the Uncharted video game series, I had been looking forward to the movie adaption’s release since its announcement and I can assure you that it did not disappoint. The game series is packed full of amazing stories, intriguing characters and chilling villains, and I was excited to see how the directors would transition from a video game campaign to a screenplay. I’m here to tell you about all my concerns, thoughts and opinions on this epic treasure hunt movie, and if it deserves a sequel.

When the cast was announced, I’ll admit I had some concerns about Tom Holland as Nathan Drake. I am a self-confessed Tom Holland “stan,” but young Nathan Drake requires a different charisma than the awkward yet lovable teenager Peter Parker we have associated Holland with for years now. Drake is a smooth-talking, rough around the edges, treasure hunter. Tom Holland was certainly a great casting choice physically as he does share a resemblance to the character in-game, and after seeing the movie I feel he pulled off the suave charm and courageousness of Drake perfectly. I never had a concern about Mark Wahlberg as Sullivan, better known as Sully. He is at the perfect age to play the “too old for this, but I’m doing it anyway” character, while still being physically able to pull off the fights and stunts we fans are used to seeing Sully getting himself into. Overall, this iconic pair was an important choice to get right on this film and I feel that the casting directors made the perfect decisions.

For the screenplay, we knew that this would be a young Drake and Sully origin story, but what adventure would they be tackling this time? In the games’ cut scenes, the pair often reminisce on their early adventures, but we never get more than a sentence or two regarding their backstory (except for in the beginning of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception where we see how Sully and Drake meet in-game). I felt that the story choice was perfect to introduce these characters to a whole new audience while giving the pre-existing fans a whole new perspective on Drake and Sully’s relationship. Without spoilers, the story is essentially a treasure hunt heist that anyone who enjoys a thriller loaded with comedy and a dashing lead will love.

I’m an Uncharted fanatic and I give this movie an eight out of 10. I wish that there were even more parallels and Easter eggs between the movie and the games, but this take on the franchise was very entertaining. Not to mention, Tom Holland never disappoints and his performance in this film was refreshing after seeing him in last year’s biggest movie, Spider-Man No Way Home. I feel that this movie has a little something for everyone — even those who are totally unfamiliar with the game. If you’re looking for weekend plans, add seeing Uncharted to your list. I truly believe that this movie is deserving of a sequel, and make sure you stick around in the theater to catch the end credit scene.

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Emily is a senior at the University of Central Florida studying Digital Media and Web Design. In the future she wants to make an impact in the field of digital accessibility making a more inclusive internet for everyone.