UCF Bucket List

Top Ten Must Do’s Before You Graduate from UCF

Most of us go through college trying to be as involved as possible.  We want to get the best out of these short four, maybe five, years.  We do as much partying, flirting, eating, drinking, dancing, and experiencing as we can.  It eventually hits us that once we walk across the stage, real life will slap us in the face, and this picture perfect college world is just another section of your life that has come and gone.

The University of Central Florida is one of the largest schools in the nation.  With 50,000+ students, a campus that is Under Construction Forever, and an endless array of activities surrounding it, the UCF area has quite a lot to offer.  The question is, how in the world can you possibly experience everything before you move on to the big girl world?  To be honest, you can’t.  Four years may seem like enough time to do a lot of damage, but there is truly an endless array of activities, and there is just not enough time for it! Although the majority of us, hopefully, leave college happy and fulfilled, I feel there are some students who leave with the regret of not experiencing some of the great events UCF and the surrounding area has to offer. 

In my opinion, with the help of some friends, we have conjured up a list of things we feel every student should try take part in before they graduate! Make it a goal to get through this Top Ten List of what you should try do before leaving your home away from home.

10. Ride the KnightLynx to your favorite bar

9. Enjoy a meal at Marketplace

8. Conquer the Rock Wall at the gym

7. Experience Riot Wednesday’s

6. Actually go to the library and “study”

5. Attend Universal Knights

4. Be a part of Light Up UCF

3. Tailgate with friends and support your Knights at football & basketball games

2. Get wet at Spirit Splash

1. Walk across the Pegasus (ONCE YOU HAVE WALKED ACROSS THE STAGE!)

Some of you may be lucky enough do some of these things regularly, so bring some of your friends out with you next time to help them get that true UCF experience!  You only have one shot at college, so make it the best it can be!