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The Truth about Hair Removal: Part 2

Last week I divulged all the things you needed to know about the more common practice of hair removal, otherwise known as waxing. While I didn’t mind spending the $40 to get rid of bikini hair, I still felt that there had to be some easier way out there; a way where I wasn’t internally screaming. One day I was checking my email and I noticed that I had an email from LivingSocial-which is basically the same thing as a Groupon; they email you every day with an amazing coupon for anything from restaurants, hotels, and spas. This particular day they were offering six laser hair removal treatments from Cascades MedSpa, on certain areas for only $100, when normally the price is around $900. I had always wondered about laser but I knew that this was not a cheap treatment. So, of course, I jumped at the chance. I made the appointment for the standard bikini and I was scheduled for about two weeks later.

When I first got there I was slightly nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect. At least with waxing I figured it would be like getting my brows waxed but just in a different area. When my name was called I was surprised to see a guy telling me to come into the room, but soon after I realized he was gay so I felt much; since getting laser is embarrassing enough without having a straight guy do it. With laser treatment they tell you to shave 24 hours ahead of time and when he brought me into the room he told me to put on this hospital gown and keep my underwear on. The whole process lasted less than a minute. He would just put some gel on the area he was going to laser and used a pen shaped tool to rub along the bikini. It was almost painless for me, but there were a few times where I would feel a quick burn. Afterwards he told me that in about two weeks the hair should fall off (weird visual, I know) and then I would come back in six weeks for another treatment. Compared to waxing, I think the choice is obvious. While I know that this is more money, it was definitely worth it. And when the six treatments are completed I shouldn’t have hair for a long time. My advice would be to subscribe to get the coupons from LivingSocial because they offer laser hair removal treatments often and when the deal is offered, buy it. I know as college students we all are pretty much broke but I really think that this $100 will go a long way.

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