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Trump’s Latest “Joke” Crosses the Line

In case you haven’t heard, a couple of days ago, #45 “joked” about his VP wanting to “hang all the gays.” Let me repeat – he said his Vice President wanted to literally murder members of the LGBTQ+ community, solely because they are different from him. 

President 45 has been controversial since he first announced his candidacy. With being a businessman with his own TV show who has multiple sexual harassment suits filed against him in addition to his homophobic, anti-woman VP, he has been one of the least liked presidents our country has had since he entered the office. 

This is because when you become president, you begin to represent the entire country. 

Anything you say (including jokes) becomes a reflection of this country’s values. And when you make a “joke” about your VP wanting to hang part of your country’s population because they are gay, it should not be taken lightly. Being president means giving up your right to making offensive jokes that are against human rights issues. 

Both National Coming Out Day and Orlando Pride were last week – the timing of these comments could not have been worse. 45 made a comment about killing millions while they are out in the community trying to celebrate who they are. And people are joking about it. 

Pence is not a closeted homosexual and doesn’t want to “hang with” gay people. The left is not being “overly sensitive” or “special snowflakes.” Our president is making it okay to joke about executing minorities. It isn’t a joke – it was real life not too long ago. Stand up and say something against injustice – do not continue to let this man belittle a community who is still fighting for their right to be themselves in 2017. 


To all of my LGBTQ+ friends out there – you are loved. You are so important. This awful duo will not be the end of you. Frankly, they are scared of you – scared of diversity, scared of love. 

You see, these men use the hate, the fear of the unknown, to control people. You living as yourself deny them the ability to control you. You are openly living your true self, fearless in the face of judgment, danger, and hate and that’s the sort of bravery that those cowards will never have. So please, remember that every single one of you is strong and worthy of being yourself. 

You will get through this. This community is so much stronger than those men’s hatred. Do not lose hope – you can do this. 

Lauren is a senior at the University of Central Florida. She is pursuing a Legal Studies major and a Sociology minor. Her career goal is to be a guardian ad litem attorney for children in the foster care system. When she isn't blasting her music (Taylor Swift and Jake Miller primarly), you can find her bingewatching Shane Dawson Youtube videos or eating way too many french fries. She has 3 dogs who she loves with all her heart. She loves to volunteer with kids and animals. Her favorite (non domesticated) animal is a panda bear, her favorite colors are pink and blue, and she is pretty sure she's the next Disney princess. She's very politically involved and loves writing. Feel free to keep up with her on social media!
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