Is the Trump Era Over?

After the attacks and infiltration of the Capitol yesterday, Democrats are trying to use the 25th Amendment to take the powers from President Trump. The 25th Amendment states that the president can be removed from office if they are not able to complete tasks or are not competent. In order for this to happen, Vice President Mike Pence and President Trump’s cabinet members have to agree. According to The Washington Post, this has only been used when Ronald Reagan had colon surgery.

US Capitol building Photo by Harold Mendoza from Unsplash

Democratic members of Congress have pleaded for this to take effect immediately. Members of the Republican party have parted from President Trump’s side due to yesterday's events — even his loyal followers, such as Pence and Mitch McConnell. Chuck Schumer has stated that invoking the 25th Amendment is the smartest thing to do. According to El Pais, Adam Kinzinger, a representative for the state of Illinois, has been the first of the Republican party to show his support in using the 25th Amendment to take President Trump out of power. Alyssa Farah, Trump’s former communications director, has also stated that the election was lost, according to The New York Times.

newspaper cover announcing Biden's win Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

If the 25th Amendment is invoked, Mike Pence will be the successor. According to The Washington Post, the president can reject this, but it will then go to Congress where they will have to find a two-thirds vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Many people believe President Trump has met the qualifications for the amendment to be used. For example, the attacks from yesterday were started by continuous allegations of the election being rigged. 

Nancy Pelosi spoke to the press this afternoon and said that if Trump is not removed by the 25th Amendment, the impeachment process may start. 

According to CNN, the use of impeachment will also restrict Trump from holding office again, which is his plan — to run in 2024.