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Trend Along To These Top TikTok Stars

TikTok — the one app we will never get enough of. TikTok's popularity skyrocketed this year thanks to the long time spent staying at home, capturing millions of users from every part of the globe. I became that girl who slowly caught an addiction to the video platform without regrets, to be honest. TikTok has introduced me to some of the most famous influencers who, with their natural talents and personas, create uniquely relatable content beyond what I've seen across social media. Here are four (out of many) major TikTok influencers I highly recommend you check out.

  1. 1. Addison Rae – @addisonre

    Addison Rae Easterling, better known as Addison Rae, transformed into one of the world’s most recognized TikTok influencers with over a billion likes and counting on her personal TikTok account. Her rise to stardom happened so quickly, as she formed new close friendships with celebrities, collaborated with other TikTokers, and partnered with brands and companies for sponsorship. Addison is relatively associated with TikTok influencers who belong to the Hype House in Los Angeles, California. Addison Rae is a best friend of Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Kourtney Kardashian. Both are featured on each other’s Instagram and TikTok posts, typically going out or working out together. Addison Rae mostly produces trendy dance clips and voiceovers, sometimes featuring her (current?) partner Bryce Hall, who also lies within the same friend group of TikTok influencers. Addison further boosts her fans’ admiration through her own YouTube channel featuring guest stars and family members, a podcast co-hosted with her mother, a few title awards, and attendance at large events, including the 2020 Billboard Music Awards.

  2. 2. Bryce Hall – @brycehall

    Bryce Hall is one of the top TikTok male influencers out there, in addition to his work inside the Sway House, which rivals the Hype House. Bryce’s popularity can be credited to his TikTok dances, voiceovers and reactions, as well as a sharp physical appearance with a funny and cute personality. Bryce has been closely tied to Addison Rae in an intimate friendship/partnership and is good friends with influencers Tayler Holder, Blake Gray and Noah Beck. Bryce Hall has been the center of controversies regarding his exposed actions by publicity news outlets and the voices of a few celebrities. Some scandals caused significant disruption involving legal offenses. Nonetheless, these events have not gotten in the way of his professional career as a TikTok star (plus a businessman with his collective merch), as we continue to see more new posts being added frequently onto his social platforms.

  3. 3. Tayler Holder – @itstaylerholder

    Tayler Holder is another star of the show. On top of being a TikTok influencer and collaborating with both those of the Sway and Hype House, Tayler Holder has a few other talents on the side — let’s talk modeling, making music and acting. Tayler’s visible charming looks and glowing charisma means there’s no question about his reputation of being an ideal guy to his fans. The other side of his personal life has been more open than not when it comes to his past and current relationships. Not to complain, but the girls who Tayler Holder has been with are super lucky! Tayler has been linked with well-known figures such as Kelianne Stankus, Sommer Ray, and is now coupled up with Charly Jordan (the most iconic pair by far).

  4. 4. Charly Jordan – @charlyjordan

    Charly Jordan is a rise-to-prominent TikTok personality star and YouTuber known for her lifestyle content filled with travel adventures, modeling and fashion. Charly Jordan is also taking on a career as a DJ entrepreneur. Charly Jordan has collaborated and produced projects for music events and festivals, world-renowned Coachella and Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC) being some of them. Charly Jordan’s passion for travel can be seen documented on her Instagram profile from locations abroad. Charly Jordan faced criticism for recently visiting and touring a country in Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic. Charly Jordan’s current partner is Tayler Holder, and they are together in each of their TikTok, Instagram and YouTube accounts and have been spread throughout public media sources.

These four TikTok influencers each bring their own individual aspirations, talents, personalities, mindsets, fans and content to express themselves and share their passion with everyone. It's crazy to believe how far they all have come from completely different backgrounds, all growing up with separate goals that led them to unite as a successful group within a growing industry. We can expect to keep up with new uploads and trends to follow, but don’t forget about the juicy gossip and the spilled tea. So, let’s ask now: who's your favorite?