TREND ALERT: 60's Sunnies

They may resemble compact mirrors, they may look like bug eyes, they may be flashy, but whatever they are- they’re the hottest trend!  The perfect pair of sunnies to go for next is the totally far out 60’s circle sunglasses.  I’m talking John Lennon-esque, Woodstock, peace sign, psychedelic era sunglasses.  Aren’t you mad your mom threw out her pair? 

Although “crisp” fall weather is quickly approaching, sunglasses are arguably Floridians’ best-kept accessory year around.  Not only are they convenient on a sunny day, they’re stylish and can hide tired eyes or black circles after an all-nighter.  Shall I go on, or am I preaching to the choir? 

Trend setter, John Lennon may have made these sunnies far out but these Lennon’s are being seen on celebrities, in department stores, and on the streets with a feminine twist. Plastic thick rims, tortoise shell, and wired; these babies are the perfect statement to make any outfit groovy.

So what makes these so trendy?  It’s simple. They are just down right cool.  The design is something we haven’t seen in quite some time and they can put a trendy edge on any work or casual outfit.  Will you wear the new trend?