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The Top 5 Tips to Survive Any Music Festival or Concert

I love a good concert and/or music festival. In fact, those are what eat up most of my money. Over the many concerts I have been to, I have learned a good few lessons about concert culture and the dos/don’ts of attending these special events. Not only is it important to have a good time, but it’s important to follow the rules so you don’t get kicked out or pass out.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

This is probably the most important tip. Passing out at a concert or festival can be one of the scariest things ever, especially if you’re alone. I cannot express how important it is that you stay hydrated throughout the entire show. I have seen a good amount of people carried over the barricade by security because they passed out. You may not feel thirsty in the moment, but drink water any chance you get. If you’re worried about losing your spot in the pit or wherever you are because you have to pee, you likely won’t even have to because of how much you’re going to sweat. Also, the people around you are likely worried about the same thing for themselves, so just ask them to save your spot and the answer will almost always be yes! Hydrate or die-drate, as they say.

Eat Before the Show

This is one that matters if you’re trying to save some coin. Concert food and beverages are always overpriced — like Disney level overpriced. I once spent $12 on chicken tenders and fries because that was the cheapest thing the venue had and I had no other option. Learn from my mistakes.

If You Have Pit Tickets, Show Up Early 

If you have pit tickets and want to get barricade, show up to the gates around two hours earlier than the doors open. I know it sounds like a lot, but if it’s for a band you really like and you want nothing more than one of the band members acknowledging your existence, two hours is nothing. Also, if you’re short like me, it’s worth it because you can see EVERYTHING. It’s borderline an ethereal experience. Highly recommend. Also, pro-tip, if you get barricade and ask the security people in front of the stage for the setlist on the stage for that band, they will likely be able to give it to you (free merch, fun memories).

Dress for the Venue

This is also very important if you don’t want to pass out or suffer otherwise. Pay attention to the venue and the weather. If it’s an outdoor venue and it’s likely to be hot outside, wear clothes to suit that. Even if it’s indoor, maybe skip the jeans anyway because it can get pretty hot with all the dancing and singing along.

Read the Venue’s Rules Online Before the Show

Also very important; read the venue’s rule about bags, food, drinks etc. Not all venues allow bags and snacks. Some venues allow water bottles, while others only allow them if they’re empty or sealed. Some don’t allow them at all. Venue rules are very finicky and specific to that location, so be careful. It’s not fun having your favorite water bottle or snack thrown away in front of you.

Along with all of these, it is important to stay aware of your surroundings at all times. If you see something, say something. The security guards and health tents are there for your safety. If you see someone is about to pass out, get help. If you see something suspicious, tell a security guard. Also, the people working the event are there to make your experience go smoothly and help you create longlasting memories, so treat them with kindness please. Also, of course, don’t forget to have fun!

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Nicole is a freshman at the University of Central Florida with an undecided major in Engineering and a minor in Music. She is a proud Asian-American woman who intends to use this platform to advocate for feminist ideals and promote positive change. Along with writing; she enjoys painting, reading, and learning about new things, as well as sitting down and enjoying a good few episodes of Brooklyn 99.
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