Top 2019 Purses to Complete Your Fall Look

There's nothing else a girl needs to show that her fall look is complete besides a pumpkin spice latte and a cute bag. Here are some of the best purses from the new 2019 fall collections, whether you're looking for one to complete your Pinterest dream look or, like me, are just admiring some of the best handbags of the year from afar.

  1. 1. Kate Spade - Suzy Fluffy Large Sadle Bag

    This purse won't physically warm you up, which is a good thing here in Florida, but it's impossible not to admire it's cozy exterior. The perfect size for all the necessities, its white ivory color and warm brown accents can be paired with a variety of colors, all to put you in the ultimate autumn mood.

    Price: $398

    Opinion: One of my favorites, as it may be the only actual insulated fashion piece that us southerners will get this Fall.

  2. 2. Petite Kouraj - Ombre-Tan Mini Fringe Bag

    You might be thinking "wow, what a weird bag," and you would be right, but fringe and netting have been all over the fashion radar this year. With ombre colors and a fringe design, this bag is certaintly a statement piece of high fashion in 2019. I personally love the hippie aesthetic, and this bag goes great with that.

    Price: $295

    Opinion: Pricey but cute—if I won the lottery, I'd snatch it up and wear it with every pair of boots I own.

  3. 3. Coach - Marlow Allover Patchwork Stripes Shoulder Bag

    Warm colors, fuzzy textures and a compact size make this one of the top purses this fall. It would go great with a pair of jeans or even dressed up with a cute dress. This purse can meet all of your fall needs this year.

    Price: $275

    Opinion: This bag describes everything fall—it's colorful and artsy. Patchwork is a staple this autumn, and this is one of the best designs around. I would totally recommend.

  4. 4. Simone Rocha - Printed Floral Baby Wrap Bag

    Slouchy bags have made a good impression this year, though in my opinion, they can easily look sloppy or frumpy if they aren't accessorized right. I chose this specific floral bag, as it gives a more feminine spin on the slouchy bag trend. While looking casual and breezy, the price is certainly steep.

    Price: $880

    Opinion: Slouchy bags aren't my favorite out of this year's trends, as I've found they can be hard to match while still looking put together, but this bag is still one of my favorites. I'd suggest using it for inspiration to find a similar bag at a more reasonable price.

  5. 5. Amerian Eagle - AEO Bucket Bag

    Afforable, fashionable, and easily styled, the AEO Bucket Bag is a great choice for this year's "bucket bag" trend. While it isn't the most elegant of designs, this bag is a casual accessory that goes great with fall colors, and the shape is great for holding anything you might need to carry all day.

    Price: $22.46

    Opinion: Finally, a bag my fellow college students and I can realistically enjoy. Affordable, cute and totally displaying fall fashion. I recommend.

  6. 6. Michael Kors - Stanton Medium Animal-Print Calf Hair and Leather Barrel Bag

    Fuzzy clutches and warm colors aren't for everyone, so this purse takes fall fashion to the next level. A prime example of this year's "duffle bag" trend, this bag uses bold designs and funky patterns to become the badass statement piece of autumn.

    Price: $278

    Opinion: Edgy and fashion-forward, and a good representation of a fall trend. If you get it, rock it.

  7. 7. Jacquemus - Le Petit Chiquito

    You might be thinking, "That's a lot of money for such a small bag," and you'd be right. But it's one of the highest quality miniature bags out there that are running fall fashion this year. The purse is small but the colors are bold, making it a perfect addition to any outfit. I'd recommend finding a more affordable bag that honors this trend, as it doesn't offer much storage for your money.

    Price: $275

    Opinion: While the mini bag trend is soaring right now, they aren't my favorites because of the size-to-price ratio. However, they're still cute as hell, and I'd still be jealous if you got one.

This season has brought a wide range of new trends, colors and patterns into focus. The purses and bags listed above are some of the cutest shapes and designs to come out in a while, and I hope you all can find the perfect bag this fall!

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