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Top 10 Name Picks for Kylie Jenner’s Baby

Kylie Jenner is possibly pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby and the #babyfever is real. While many are concerned with the truth of the pregnancy I am far more concerned with what name Kylie will choose for her progeny. Will she keep up with the Kardashians and continue her mother’s tradition of ‘K’ names or follow in her big sister’s footsteps with non-traditional names? I have some suggestions for Kylie to pursue while she puts together the glam room this baby will call home and teaches the world how to slay the pregnancy style game.




1. Kristen

To be born into the Kardashians is an automatic ticket to future success thanks to the empire momager Kris Jenner has built with her daughters. With aspirations for this baby’s bestselling future, Kylie could go with Kristen in homage to both her mother and her bestselling lip kit.


2. Cala

As in Calabasas her hometown, this is a bit sentimental but the name evokes a low-key California cool aesthetic and is relatively normal which would be more shocking than most of the outlandish names on this list.


3. Matte

Another reference to her growing business empire this cute gender neutral name makes for both a statement-making lip and a statement-making kid.


4. Kay

The Kardashian clan is running out of K names but should Kylie feel up to continuing the tradition she could go simple and bold with this short name.


5. Houston

In the same vein as her sister Kim, she might go for a name that points her kid in the right direction. This gender-neutral name makes a statement and serves as a reference to Travis Scott’s upbringing in Houston Texas.


6. Kaylor

The shade is real and while Kylie has yet to insert herself into big sis Kim’s feud with Taylor Swift, what better way to make a statement than by naming her child after the biggest name in the music industry. The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now… why? Because she is also freaking out about Kylie’s baby duh!


7. Jacques  

The old tradition of naming a baby after their parent has fallen out of fashion but if anyone can revive dead trends its Kylie. If she can trick the world into thinking Von Dutch trucker hats are cool again she can definitely bring back the custom of having Juniors. Travis Scott was born Jacques Webster and now goes by his stage name which was inspired by his uncle. He clearly has a nostalgic streak making Jacques the perfect blend of unique and sentimental.



8. Duchess

The Kardashians embody a brand of American royalty that no other family has come close to touching, Kourtney knows it and chose to name Reign accordingly if Kylie wants to similarly convey her baby’s regal legacy she could go with a name like Duchess or even Duke if it’s a boy.


9. Hermès

Kylie is an avid fan of fashion wearing the latest releases from designers and setting trends wearing everything from sweatpants to sequins, that being said there is something to the classic luxury of a Herm


10. Olympia

Tyga’s quickly deleted Snapchat is worth acknowledging here, his snap claimed that he is the father of the child, though when confronted about it by TMZ he denied the snap calling it “fake.” If it were true that would make Kylie’s child cousin to Dream Kardashian and sibling to Dream’s older half-brother King Stevenson, whose mother Blac Chyna is both Tyga’s ex-fiancée and the mother of Kylie’s niece. Drama surrounds the Kardashian family and their affairs so a name inspired by the drama of the Greek Gods and Goddesses hangout would be spot on. Here’s hoping for a dramatic Maury style reveal episode on The Life of Kylie show.







Rachel is a currently a senior at UCF studying English. She is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Her Campus UCF. She loves to travel, is obsessed with her dog, and is forever in search of the perfect pink wine. When she is not writing fun articles you can usually find her spending too much money at Target or hiding in a good book. If you want to follow her on social media you can find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
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