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Top 10 Emotions Of Procrastination

Top 10 emotions running through your head during procrastination

Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by procrastination. *raises both hands* You blame it on time, you blame it on Netflix, or you blame it on the time you spent on Netflix. Whatever the reason is, we all procrastinate, and it is NOT fun. Here are some of the emotions we feel while we are doing the act of procrastination:


1)     I’ve got time! What day is it? Monday? And the assignment is due in two weeks? NO PROBLEM! I’ll start next Monday and get a week head start.

2)     *One week passes* Dang, it’s been a week already?? Okay, I am starting this assignment tomorrow, because today is just not the day. I have to nap, find something for dinner, and then The Bachelor is on, so I just don’t have time today.

3)     *Two days before the assignment is due* Okay two more days left to do this thing. I can start a little bit now, and then finish the rest tomorrow! Yeah, that sounds good. Okay so first paragraph…

4)     *3 hours later* So far I have… One sentence. I have one sentence down for this assignment. AND IT’S NOT EVEN ABOUT THIS ASSIGNMENT. I have one sentence written about pizza. Specifically mac n’ cheese pizza. Where can I get mac n’ cheese pizza? And do you think they’re open right now?

5)     *The day the assignment is due* I don’t like this feeling. I am freaking out. I am freaking out and it’s not in the OMG-I-JUST-SAW-JIMMY-FALLON good way! I neeeeeeed to get this done. It is due by midnight and it is currently 9:09 a.m. I got this!

6)     *11 a.m.* Halfway through and not looking bad! How did I get six pages written in two hours? Am I a genius? Am I a superhero? Should I start watching “Captain America” right now? I only have two more pages to write, and I mean the DVD IS in the next room…

7)     *2 hours and 5 minutes later* HOW IS CAPTAIN AMERICA SO GOOD EVERY TIME I WATCH IT??

8)     Okay but seriously this paper. I have two more pages to write and it is 1:05 p.m. Good thing this is due at midnight, huh??

9)     *9:45 p.m.* WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?? Okay I have officially finished all 10 pages with a couple hours to spare! Now to upload this thing online… Why won’t my internet work?? Why did my computer shut down?? WHAT IS GOING ON??

10)  *Arrives on campus at 10:50 p.m. to use library computer* IT. IS. UPLOADED. Thank goodness. Whew. Big stress reliever. I am NEVER doing that again. Now to start my other assignments that are due tomorrow…


Side note: This article was not done through procrastination, so therefore I am winning this thing called life. Procrastination: 0 Me: 1.

Victoria is a senior studying Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Criminal Justice at UCF, and is also the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus UCF. When Victoria is not attending classes, you can find her and her giant hair (it's full of secrets) in the Student Union pretending to study, but actually watching Criminal Minds on Netflix. Her dreams include holding a puppy for three days straight, and marrying Jimmy Fallon on the stage of Saturday Night Live. If you see Victoria around campus and she hasn't quoted Beyonce three times, run because you have found an imposter! This lovely Italian lives for Beyonce quotes (ladies, tell 'em) and fashionable boots. If you like cheesy jokes, cute pics of animals dressed like humans, or embarrassing stories of her life, you should follow her on Twitter @imunprevictable, or her step-by-step blog on Tumblr on how to survive college! *Does Single Ladies dance out of room*
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