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Tips on Job Hunting: Where to Look and What to Expect

Everyone has been in this dilemma before: You’re at your favorite store in the mall, and you stumble upon this jaw-dropping outfit. You’re so excited to own this outfit when all of a sudden, boom. The price is as expensive as 20 lattes at Starbucks. There’s got to be some way to get that perfect outfit without putting a huge dent in your wallet. So how do you obtain that cash flow? From a job, of course! Every college student may be in different financial situations, but it’s safe to say we can all agree it would be fabulous to have some extra money to blow on clothes, shoes, and especially those cute earrings you keep passing by and are dying to wear on your next date.

Where to Look

So for starters, where do you even begin to look for a job? On campus would be a great place to search. From all the restaurants in the food court to the Recreation and Wellness Center, there is certainly a job at UCF that will suit your taste. Who wouldn’t love that work and school were in the same vicinity? A second place to look is at the local malls around UCF. Oviedo Mall and Altamonte Mall are always hiring college students for part-time jobs. Kelsey Lyon, a senior at UCF and a part-time associate at Forever 21, adores her job. “Not only do I love working here, but the 20 percent discount is convenient. Especially since I love the clothes I see while working!” Make sure the job you’re looking to get suits you.

Time is Money

Before getting a job, think about more importantly if you will have enough time to spare while still maintaining your grades. After interviewing collegiettes™ who work part time, the majority of them agreed that having a job does get stressful at times. Do you find yourself always looking at the clock wondering where the time went, and how much studying you have to do? If so, think long and hard about whether you can add on a job while still keeping your classes in check. Amber Craig, a Junior at UCF and who’s a current employer of Bubbalou’s Bodacious BBQ, explains, “Since I don’t have classes on Friday, I try to plan out my week accordingly; I usually don’t go out on the weekdays and try to make it so I have the weekend free of school work.” While considering a part-time job, think about the time you spend studying. Let’s say you have classes on Monday through Thursday, try to make Fridays study days. Grab a textbook and chill by the pool; studying and getting tan, now that’s what I call killing two birds with one stone!

When talking to some collegiettes™ who worked part time, no doubt all of them loved the extra money involved with a job; however, there are many other benefits as well. Firsthand, it’s a great way to meet people. Let’s face it – it can be hard to start friendships with people outside of your friends group. A job is a wonderful way to associate with new people, even some people you never thought of talking to before. Collegiette™ Danielle Barbera has worked at California Pizza Kitchen for four months now. “I’ve met so many wonderful people at CPK, and my coworkers often invite me out to parties or bars. It’s nice to have your own set of friends, and to have friends from work who introduce you to new friends as well!”

Aside from the benefits of having a job, there are a few downsides to working as well. Some collegiettes™ found themselves not participating in social activities as often as they used to. You might have to give up going to the beach one day with a few friends or miss out on a shopping trip. Be sure that you are willing to give up a little bit of your leisure time and have the flexibility to miss out on a social gathering. Amber mentioned that she finds herself tired more often while working. “I come home exhausted some nights and want to just go straight to sleep, but it really does teach you what’s important, responsibility wise.”

Next time you are wishing for some extra cash, head to your nearest vendor and apply. Remember to be able to balance your social schedule as well as find time to study. Good luck job hunting, collegiettes™!

Katie Kardok is a feature writer for the Her Campus Editorial team at the University of Central Florida. Katie is currently a junior majoring in Psychology. She enjoys pilates, photography, and watching football. Fun fact: She is left handed!
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