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Three Weird Things That Make You Fat

Coming into college, all collegiettes were warned about the dreaded freshman fifteen. By this point, we have all probably had some sort of experience with weight gain in college. We all know that eating correctly and going to the gym regularly can help us avoid gaining weight. However, there are other factors that may be contributing to your freshman (or junior) fifteen. So, what else exactly can make you fat?

Your thermostat:
I bet you didn’t know the temperature of your home could have an affect on your body weight. Studies have shown that those who keep the temperature of their home at a cooler temperature are more likely to keep the pounds off. Cooler temperatures cause our bodies to use more energy; therefore keeping your thermostat at a lower temperature causes you to burn more calories and reduce the chance of putting on a few extra pounds.

Your friends:
Eating is a social thing. Going out to eat and enjoying a meal with friends is almost a ritual for collegiettes. But did you know that eating with friends can contribute to your freshman fifteen?

Your friends eating habits have a huge impact on what you eat and how much of it you eat. We tend to subconsciously mimic the eating habits of friends. If you are with a friend who tends to over eat, chances are you will too. “If she can eat a full order of queso to herself, I can too.” Sound familiar?

This also goes for weight gain. If you see a friend gaining weight, you might subconsciously start to gain weight and not even realize it. It sounds crazy, but studies have shown that when a friend gains weight, it increases a person’s chance of gaining weight by 57 percent!

Your friends don’t necessarily have to bring you down. These scenarios can go both ways. Make a pact with your friends to try to eat healthy and stay fit together. If you are surrounding yourself with friends who are eating healthy, this will motivate you to do so too.

Your sleep schedule:
During college, it’s inevitable that sleep can be pushed to the back burner. Between going out and pulling all nighters, many of us aren’t getting an adequate amount of sleep. Not getting your full eight hours of sleep can cause your metabolism to slow down and make it more likely for you to gain weight. Less sleep can also increase your appetite, causing you to eat more. I guess it’s true when they say us ladies need our beauty sleep!

So to sum things up, eating poorly and not exercising aren’t the only things that can cause you to gain weight. Next time you start to notice those few extra pounds, blame your friends!


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