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The Three S’s: Social Life, School and Sleep

It’s that time of the school year where you have probably already taken your first exam. For some of you, you walked into your testing center so proud because you have been studying for that exam the minute your professor passed out the syllabus and have done nothing else with your time. On the other hand, you may have been the student who was out partying all night long and had to ask for a raspberry scantron because you forgot about the exam entirely. None of the scenarios are the way to go. Yes, you want to study to get those good grades, but you want to make sure you experience college life.

Without realizing it, there are so many things you have to juggle while you are in college. You have your friends, school, money, relationships and your health. The biggest three responsibilities that students usually can’t manage all at once are the 3 S’s: social life, studies and sleep. The average college student can only accomplish two out of the three. The only way to successfully complete those three tasks is to prioritize.

Freedom is the best thing college can offer a student. You are finally away from your parents and you are the maker of your own rules. When students realize that they can do whatever they want to do, they spend more time at Library, the infamous bar, instead of the actual library on campus. Having a social life and having friends you see all of the time is very important. Your friends are your support system. The only thing is that your friends aren’t everything. Trust me, I understand how it feels when all of your friends want to go Downtown for a crazy night but you have to turn them down because you have a test coming up. It’s a horrible feeling, but studying will pay off in the long run.

Everyone forgets about school and everything creeps up at the last minute. As painful as it is, locking yourself in your room and cranking out your homework and studies for a couple of hours a day will allow you to be a part of all the crazy night life with your friends. If you make school your number one priority, you shouldn’t have a problem with managing your social life. You can make studying an event. Call up all of your friends and have a huge study party in your room or at All Knight Study. Just grab some energy drinks, snacks and music to liven up a boring study session.

Believe it or not, being sleep deprived is very common for us wild students. We either party too hard or study all night long. Students feel that pulling all nighters the night before their quiz or test will help them remember everything in their textbook, but that’s not true at all. The more you sleep, the more awake and refreshed you will feel the next day for your exam. Turn off the TV, put the books away, and tell your friends to go home. It’s hard, but worth it. There is absolutely nothing like a good night’s rest.  

I'm a junior majoring in Broadcast/Journalism and minoring in Marketing. I am a feature writer for Her Campus UCF and loves all things fashion and entertainment. I plan on reporting fashion live from the red carpet and being the next co-host/anchor for “E! News Live.”
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