Thoughts You Only Have When Playing The Sims

The Sim Universe is a very beautiful and particular place. If you have ever played The Sims, you realize there are certain thoughts you have that regular people don't. Continue reading to feel the nostalgia. 

1. “Oh he’s cute. I should marry him. Right now.”

2. When you need that promotion ASAP.

3. When you start memorizing Sim language.

4. Creating a multi-generational Sim family and getting super attached.

5. Figuring out what “woohoo” means and never being able to undo the knowledge.

6. Deciding whether to struggle financially or just “motherlode” that sucker.

7. Having Sim conversations with your friends and realizing you sound crazy.

8. Getting mad when your Sims play video games, yet there you are…

9. To steal someone’s man or create my own? Now that is the question.

10. “Should I buy another expansion? I have 7, but that one sounds so fun!”

11. Wishing online gaming was still a thing for The Sims.

12. Secretly hating Sims 4 for many reasons.

13. Wanting a unicorn as a pet but being too lazy to go through the work.

14. If you were honest when creating your Sim self, this is what you would get:

15. When playing The Sims broadens your vocabulary.

16. Creating your real house/family in The Sims.

17. When you spend 3 hours creating your Sim and you realize now you have to create your house.

18. Not playing The Sims for 5 months, saying you'll play for a little while, and becoming addicted again.

19. Wishing you could be your Sim because their life is perfect.

20. Feeling like God for the Sim Universe. 

Wow. All this Sims talk makes me want to play for a little. *Fails semester because playing The Sims is more important*

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