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Think Pink: Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Year-Round

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is now over, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to support the cause throughout the year! Breast cancer is an extremely common disease that affects not just the women diagnosed, but also their families and friends. Multiple people you know have probably been affected by this illness in some way, and maybe even you know the rollercoaster of emotions it causes. These courageous women and doctors deserve to find a cure, and that’s where you come in! Here are just a few ways you can help support breast cancer awareness:

1. Start a GoFundMe or Donate

Online fundraisers are a popular way to raise money for special causes. A typical mammogram is around $150 and treatment for the disease is pretty pricey.  A great way to help is to start a GoFundMe fundraiser and share it with your family and friends! After you do that, you can donate however much you want. Small or large, every single bit counts!

2. Volunteer

There are so many big fundraisers and events supporting breast cancer awareness that happen year-round. You can attend or—even better—volunteer at such events! You can begin looking for events online months in advance and sign up. Typically, more events happen during October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), such as fun Pink Marathons or Relay For Life!

3. Purchase Pink Products

By pink products, I mean some stores and restaurants donate partial proceeds of certain products towards breast cancer awareness. Stores like Ulta and American Eagle have specific beauty products and clothing that, when purchased, donate proceeds towards the cause. Also, certain restaurants will do the same thing with food; I love going to Tijuana Flats and eating tasty tacos while also supporting such a meaningful cause!

4. Share Articles and Pictures

If you’re ever on social media and see an article or picture concerning Breast Cancer Awareness, share it! This spreads the word and helps more than you might think. It could even be as simple as wearing a pink shirt, taking a picture and using Breast Cancer Awareness hashtags, like #FightLikeAGirl or #BCA or #GetYourPinkOn!

5. Visit the Official Website

One of the main websites for information on this cause is nationalbreastcancer.org. Getting educated on this type of cancer and the ways you can help is a great way to get started! Take a few minutes out of your day to read parts of the website, and maybe even share it with your friends. You never know how many people you could really be helping!

These are just a few ways you can help support breast cancer awareness throughout the year! It’s such a meaningful cause to support and taking the time out of your life to assist says amazing things about you. There are numerous patients and doctors that appreciate every little bit that is put into finding a cure, not to mention the family and friends of those affected by breast cancer. You can find your own ways to support breast cancer awareness and Think Pink!

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