Things to Think About During Finals Week

If you are anything like me, you have enough to think about during finals week.  With all the classes, assignments, final papers due and exams to study for, it’s enough to make your head spin so fast it falls off.  With everything you have to think about at this point in the semester, you deserve to think about something of the stress free variety. Enjoy this list of very cute baby animals that was compiled as much for my own sanity as it was for yours!

Don’t think about the grade you got on the final you took a few hours ago.  Think about this cute little puppy and how happy he is on the beach. You can go to the beach as soon as finals week is over and be as stress free as this baby golden.

Why would you even think about biology when you could think about this itty bitty kitty in a flower crown. So small! So tinyyyy!

Look at this little duckling.  Don’t think about anything except its cute little feet!

This little fuzzy bunny wishes you luck on your next exams.  He believes in you.

Don’t think about how you otter be studying (LOL, get it?).  Looking at pictures of cute baby animals is always the way to go.

Who needs to think about meeting with your professors to beg for extra credit when you could think about hugging these totally huggable little alpacas. I’m pretty sure it would just absorb you into its fluff. How great would that be?

Wook a da wittle baby panda. It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!

This baby hippo is as happy as you will be as soon as you walk out of your last exam.  Look at that face.  That’s the face of a winner.

They look like best friends.  That’s so cute!

Were we even supposed to be thinking of something important? I saw this picture of a kangaroo in a diaper and all of my worries melted away.

This big rodent wishes you luck on your finals.  Good luck!







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