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The Ten Most Amazing Moments in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

This year was my first time watching the full Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I expected it to be somewhat superficial, over dramatized and unrelatable. However, I couldn’t be any more wrong. As I snacked on some popcorn with my closest friends and settled down to watch some beautiful models show off their booties, braziers and best runway walk, I started to get excited. It could’ve been the comradery or the Red Lobster biscuits that I previously cooked, but I was pretty optimistic as the show started. As the runway was shown and Harry freaking Styles came out to perform, I began to let the show do its magic number on me. From that point on, there was no going back and I was all in. I felt a mixture of emotions that can only be described in gifs and eloquent explanations regarding the majesty of the angelic and swanlike models that strutted their stuff on the Shanghai runway. To help you understand how I (and probably you if you were watching) was feeling, I’ll make sure to describe in detail the best moments of the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and my reactions to follow. 


1. When Ming Xi Fell and Wound up Crying 

This was the first emotional moment of many to come. This beautiful goddess carrying the weight of a metallic tree on her back fell to the ground and had to take a breather. On her way back to the dressing area, she broke down in tears of frustration. In the show, you can see one of her fellow angels comforting her and giving her words of kindness. First of all, tripping in front of a huge crowd is arguably everyone’s worst fear and second of all, she pulled off that accidental fall pretty gracefully. Also, what is better than some encouraging words from a fellow angel? 

2. When Harry Styles Sang ‘Angel’ While the Angels Walked the Runway

Okay, Harry Styles is a chiseled gift from God, but his timing also couldn’t be any more perfect. One of the featured songs on his solo album is titled ‘Angel’ and his decision to include this in the show just helped in setting the stage; guitar riffs echoing off the walls of the venue while the tall, beautiful damsels of Victoria’s Secret showed off the newest VS lingerie sets.

3. Jane Zhang’s Life Changing Performance and PINK set reveal

Before the fashion show, I had no idea who Jane Zhang was, but let me tell you, NOW I DO. She is a widely known performer in and around Asia and her poppy/electronica feel is infectious. The white, fur floor length trench coat and sporty PINK set that she wore went perfect with her get-up and dance songs that she performed. Her performance was a game-changer as she ended with showing off the PINK lingerie set she was wearing underneath her coat.

4. The International Section of the Show

As reported by CBS, the Victoria’s Secret Angels consist of 55 models from 20 different countries. The choice on Victoria’s Secret’s part to include an international part of the show was culturally encompassing and awesome to see. Some of the works of fashion included huge, metallic frameworks for wings and some were simple cheetah print sheer overlay on top of a cute and intricate bra. The range of styles and models was empowering to see as they represented their home countries.

5. When Leslie Odom Jr. from Hamilton Sang

I guess I’m lame because I’ve never seen Hamilton, but after hearing Leslie Odom Jr. sing, I partially understand the craze. His voice was like walking on velvet and his presence added to the diversity of performers included in this year’s VS fashion show, from Jane Zhang’s poppy feel to Harry Styles’s rock/folk sound.

6. When Lais Ribeiro modeled the Fantasy Bra

Each year, Victoria’s Secret creates a fantasy bra for the runway that is made of not only crystals, gems, gold or whatever else is intricate and rich in detail, but that is every girl’s dream. This year, the fantasy bra was worth over $2 million and you may be wondering why, but if you take a closer look you may understand. The bra features feathered gold and silver crystals as well as blue gems that hang from the middle are placed here and there throughout. It really is a work of art. As a Victoria’s Secret angel, it’s an honor to be asked to showcase the fantasy bra and for 2017, Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro was the perfect fit.


7. When the Country lingerie set commercial came on

During the show, a commercial aired featuring angels in boots and cowgirl hats wearing lingerie sets. The ranch inspired setting and shots of a small cottage out in the open fields, along with the sexy poses on fur lined beds by the Angels may sound like a lot going on, but it was probably every cowboy or country gentleman’s dream. It DEFINITELY worked.

8. When Alessandra slayed her butterfly outfit

Alessandra is one of the most widely known VS angels and the outfit she wore during the international part of the show proved exactly why. Her walk, her ‘smise’ and her composure were incredible. She was adorned with colorful butterfly wings that rested atop her shoulders and made her look like a fairy-like goddess. Good choice, stylists.

9. When Maria Borges showed that short hair is beautiful in all kinds of ways

Maria Borges is one of only a few African American Victoria’s Secret Angel and not only that but she totally rocks short hair. A lot of girls are scared to cut their hair because it may make them look too masculine or take away from their womanly features, but this lady shows that short hair can be feminine and fierce.

10. The ending finale

This one may be obvious, but I was not ready. As all of the models circled around the runway, I got to see a last glimpse of the styles shown in the 2017 show. The performers and angels came out together to a celebratory crowd and the ending credit of the show was a snapshot of the angels, Jane Zhang, Miguel, Leslie Odom Jr. and Harry Styles on the far left. This picture was almost too much to handle with all of its perfection and beauty.


My experience of watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in full for the first time was a complete success. The performances were fun and upbeat and the styles were cute, sporty, extravagant and multicultural. I got to see a glimpse into the models lives and how they turned into Victoria’s Secret Angels. It was a carefree and entertaining distraction from reality for an hour and 10/10 would recommend that you give it a chance and watch it in 2018!

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