Syllabus Week: As Told by Jennifer Lawrence

It’s back to school for all us collegiates and you know what that means! It’s syllabus week, which for different people can mean many different things. If you like to take the easy way out and cruise through your classes, syllabus week is a time to snooze in class, get acquainted with your new classmates, and of course, attend a few back to school parties. If you’re one to grab the bull by the horns, syllabus week may be another story for you.

1.     When you finally get to go back to school after a long month away from your BFF’s!

2.     The feeling of wanting to be back at school to see your friends, but not wanting to go to class and do actual work.

3.     Remembering that you have to be a real functioning human and take on real responsibilities like schoolwork and a job.

4.     Walking into class on the first day expecting an attractive teacher, only to find an old, annoying, professor who is nothing like their ratings on rate my professor.

5.     Having actual lectures and notes on the first day of class. Is this a sick joke?! No need to be handing out papers and assignments during the first week of classes.

6.     Awkwardly sitting in class not knowing anyone but attempting to make friends with the people around you because you know you’re going to be needing them in the future.

7.     Debating whether or not to actually dress up for the first day of class. Lets not kid ourselves here, the struggle is too real even for the first day of class. Therefore the answer to that question should always be no.

8.     Attempting to go to the gym but immediately turning back around when you realize it’s still the “new year, new me” faze for everyone.

9.     Being able to go out multiple times during the week because lets be real, no one ever really teaches on the first week. Being semi-present in class is totally acceptable this week.

10. Finally being done with the week and realizing that it’s only down hill from here. The idea that there are no breaks until spring break, future final exams, and all your other responsibilities come rushing in and the fact that you are back at school finally sets in.

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