Summer Expectations VS Reality

You're finally home from college for the summer and you think you have it all figured out. You're finally going to get that nice tan and killer body you've been talking about and you're definitlely going to finish up a few seasons of your favorite TV show. Unfortunately reality hits and only one of those ends up happening...and I think you know which one that is. 


Expectation: Laying out at the beach all day with your friends.

Reality: Rains all day.

Expectation: Lands an awesome paid summer internship.

Reality: Ends up as a camp counselor dealing with crying kids all day.

Expectation: Backpacks through Europe with your besties.

Reality: Family vacation stuck in the middle of nowhere without any cell service.

Expectation: Meets a summer hottie and has an amazing summer fling.

Reality: Sits at home all summer watching Netflix and living vicariously though Sandy and Danny Zuko.

Expectation: Finally gets that summer bod you’ve been dreaming about.

Reality: Eats entire body weight in ice cream.

Expectation: Sleeps until noon and never leaves bed all day.

Reality: Parents wake you up early to clean your room and run errands with them.

Expectation: Catches up on all the shows that were missed during the year.

Reality: Oh wait this one actually happens.

Expectation: Gets super tan and makes everyone jealous back at school.

Reality: Falls asleep while tanning and end up looking like a lobster.

Expectations: Wishes for endless days of summer full of being free and doing what ever you want.

Reality: As much fun as it is to watch endless episodes of The Price Is Right with your parents…going back to college can’t come soon enough.


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