Student Government Election Results Announced

The Student Government Senate Elections took place last week, and with the allocation of over $20,000,000 and the ability to change students' lives at stake, there was no room to take it lightly. This year, 1,960 students took to the polls to elect representatives for their college who'll advocate for student concerns and create initiatives to improve student life on campus. PSA: thanks for the free feminine products in the Student Union!



While that may seem like a decent number of students, it's safe to say that getting students to vote in the election was a difficult task. In regards to voter turnout, the weather played a huge role in the decrease from last year's numbers. Personally speaking, it can be really hard to get the attention of students when it's pouring like crazy! Regardless, with endorsements from Interim President Thad Seymour and playful pics with pups posted by Student Government's Election Commission, it still managed to be a successful election, and 60 students were ultimately granted the title of 'Senator' for UCF's Student Government.

The senators that will represent each college—in the order of who received the most votes—are as follows:

College of Community Innovation and Education

  • Cami DiGiacomo
  • Christopher Slaughter
  • Kelly Lopez
  • Rotem Raz

College of Arts and Humanities

  • Emma Custis
  • Gabrielle Orphali
  • Carlos Oquendo-Beltran
  • Magdalene Jaynes

College of Business Administration

  • Benjamin Rembaum
  • Adrian Guerra
  • Emma Brandow
  • Rochenide St. Preux
  • Daianne Barros
  • Alyssa Bishop
  • Shayla Macias
  • John Vancura

College of Engineering and Computer Science

  • Richard Hyman III
  • Mohammed Albar
  • Stephen Maldonado
  • Colton Flynn
  • Gabriel Mariz
  • Arslan Akhmetov
  • Grant Altman
  • Micah James
  • Alex Rutledge
  • Lucas Maldanado Summers

College of Graduate Studies

  • Lauren Bonefront
  • Rachel Friant
  • Michael O’Blenis
  • Christopher Morris
  • Aaron Scott

College of Health Professions and Sciences

  • Rebekah Galloway
  • Husam Alhaddad
  • Atiyah Appline
  • Ryan Regan
  • Sakeria Jones

Rosen College of Hospitality Management

  • Shenella Foster
  • Lucas Gorlin-Tarbell

College of Medicine

  • Anthony Moscol
  • Erika Lytle
  • Mary Guerra

College of Nursing:

  • Brianna Vasquez
  • Alexis Larsen

College of Sciences

  • Gabriel Soto
  • Giorgi Beruashvili
  • Joseph Tufo
  • Gabriel Cruz
  • Melissa Millington
  • Benjamin Milgram
  • Selma Besirevic
  • Joseph Davis
  • Helda Said
  • Ayan Desai

Nicholson School of Communication

  • Kamila Ismailova
  • Natalia Correa-Ferro
  • Fritz Farrow
  • Cory Goicoechea

College of Optics and Photonics

  • Nicolas Bonaduce

Undeclared Majors

  • Connor Grodi

College of Undergraduate Studies

  • Harshley Fils-Aime

Make sure to stop by and visit your newly-elected senators in room 214 of the Student Union!