A Struggling Girlfriend’s Guide to Gift Giving: What to Get a Guy for Christmas

It’s that time of the year again: Christmas. It’s time to hit the malls and pick out the best gifts for your family, friends and significant other. When it comes to my gal pals and my family, finding the perfect gift never seems difficult, but when I started shopping for my boyfriend, I realized that men are the most impossible people to shop for. Men seem simple, which you think would make shopping for them easy, but it actually makes it harder. They either want something completely unaffordable for us college gals, or they don’t want anything at all. If you’re in the same boat as me, read this guide for some gift ideas that won’t break your bank.

1. Socks 

Like us women, men too love socks. Socks are an easy stocking stuffer to add to your gift to make it more complete. Socks are always a good gift, because people hate buying them for themselves. Head to your closest Target, Nike or TJ Maxx for some new socks for your man.

2. A picture frame

Giving your boyfriend a picture frame for Christmas may seem a little cheesy, but it’s the perfect way to show you care while also keeping it affordable. Pick your favorite memory—or if you’re like me and can’t decide, buy one of those collage frames where you can use several photos! A cheap frame from Ross, TJ Maxx or Target will be perfect for your sentimental gift.

3. Clothes

Finding some perfect tees or shorts that your guy would want but would never buy for himself would be a great gift! Picking out a cute outfit shows you know his style and gives him something fun to open up. Clothes are always a good gift because you can never have too many. No matter what style he has, there are sales everywhere offering great deals on workout apparel, fancy clothes, flannels and sweaters—or even just T-shirts and basics!

4. Watch

Men can never have too many watches. There's a watch for every single occasion. Worried you can’t afford it? Hit the outlet malls near your hometown city and see it for yourself—the deals are incredible around this time of year. You can find perfectly nice watches for half off, if not more! It’s the perfect gift if you’re looking for something a little nicer.

5. Something to do together

If you’re like me, you value quality time over any present. Most significant others will also agree. Getting a heartfelt gift where the both of you can go enjoy an experience together is such a thoughtful present to open. Some ideas can be movie tickets, sports game tickets, a gift card to a restaurant, or if you want something a little more expensive, you can check out tickets to theme parks. A lot of places have great deals around the holidays, offering bundle packages and low-priced tickets.

Don’t let the stress of gift-giving consume your holiday spirit during this time of year. Your significant other won’t expect an expensive gift and would much rather have some of these heartfelt small gifts. Remember the best present that can be given is love and quality time—although presents are a nice plus!

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