Stereotypes Assigned to College Republican Women

Being a Republican in college isn't exactly common, and being a feminine Republican is even more rare. There are lots of stereotypes surrounding Republicans concerning race, equality and rights, and I'm here to put those to rest. People will always ask you why you're a Republican, but how I see it, they should be asking why not?

1.     Oh, so you’re not for gay marriage?

Just because I’m a Republican doesn’t mean I’m not for allowing people who are in love to be married, regardless of sex or gender. I think we understand that this is the twentieth century and everyone has different wants and needs.

2.     So you’re like TOTALLY against abortion?

No, did I ever say that? If someone is put in a specific situation, then I am not going to tell them that they can’t decide what happens to their own body.

3.     You think men are more powerful than women in the household?

Men should be the head of the household, but both the mother and father should be able to equally pursue their goals and dreams in the workplace and encourage one another to be equal partners (AKA, a power couple).

4.     Do you carry a gun around with you all the time?

Yes, I’m totally for people being able to possess a gun once they have a permit, but I don’t go around slinging a gun shouting “Merica” or taunting people with it.

5.     So you think minorities shouldn’t be given equal rights?

Yes, I think they should be given EQUAL rights, not special privileges.

6.     So you’re against welfare and getting things for free?

I don’t think anything is free, and I think in order to receive something you should work hard and show that you earned it, not be given a free handout.

7.     So you’re a Republican in college, how is that possible?

I believe in a strong military, strong fiscal responsibility, and less involvement in funding lazy people, so yes I am a female college Republican and I’m sure that makes some people mad.


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