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The Stars’ Guide To Gift Giving

It’s finally the holiday season, and you're so excited until you realize you have absolutely no idea what to buy your family, friends or significant other. Picking out gifts for the holidays can be super stressful when you aren’t sure what to buy, and this year has been hard enough for us all. So, instead of feeling stressed about gift-giving this holiday season, let the stars assist you in all of your festive affairs! 


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and they love being the first. Anything that helps them stand out in a crowd is sure to be a great gift. Aries are passionate and emotional, so putting time into their gift is a must. Some ideas for an Aries could be their favorite perfume, a bold red lipstick (that’s an Aries color), or an astrological gift such as a cute Aries-themed pillow. Aries are ruled by the head, so designer sunglasses or a cute hat are always a winner.


Any comfort gift would suit all the Tauruses in your life very well. Tauruses appreciate luxury and the finer things in life; some great ideas to get a Taurus this holiday season could be a massage, a facial, or a spa day. Taurus also rules the throat and vocal cords, so any gift relating to music is always a hit. Some ideas are a vinyl record, a custom playlist you made them, or if you are feeling generous, some concert tickets!


Geminis love being on the go and are often bored easily, so an experience for the two of you is a great gift idea. Experiences could be a day at the amusement park, tickets to a museum, or if you're feeling adventurous going skydiving! Gemini is the ruler of the hands and arms (and other parts), so another great gift idea could be jewelry such as a bracelet, rings or a watch.


Cancers are ruled by the moon and have a deep connection to their home and family. Some great gift ideas are anything that could be used in the home, such as an art print for decoration or maybe even a game that could be played when they have their family game nights. Cancers are ruled by the stomach, so a great idea could be making them their favorite dinner or taking them out to their favorite restaurant — your treat! Anything that shows you put in effort is sure to make a Cancer swoon.


Leos are ruled by the sun, and they love luxury. Designer items are the perfect gift (but that can get pricey). Some other options are anything bold or customized. Things like a custom eyeshadow pallet or jewelry with their name on it are sure to be winners in a Leo's book. Leos are bold and fiery, so don’t be shy when gift shopping for them — this may require stepping out of your personal comfort zone, but any Leo will appreciate the effort you put into getting them their perfect gift.


Virgos love practicality, so when shopping for them, think of how often they're going to use the gift you got them. Great ideas for any Virgo in your life are things like skincare products, loungewear or a fuzzy blanket. Virgos also tend to be interested in wellness, so anything like a nice face mask or some tea is great. Remember, Virgos value quality over anything, so get something that will last! Anything a Virgo can use daily and smile when they think of you is the perfect gift for them.


Libra is ruled by Venus — the planet of love and beauty. So, when gift shopping for a Libra, think of aesthetically pleasing gifts or things that reflect inner peace. A great idea for a Libra is an essential oil diffuser, a candle, or a spiritual book. Libras also rule the skin (and many other things), so they take pride in their skincare routine! The Ordinary is a great brand of skincare that is not very overpriced, and any Libra would be sure to love it.


Scorpios are known to be the most mysterious sign, so gift shopping for them is known to be difficult. You can’t go wrong with getting them a gift card, that way they're free to spend the money on whatever they fancy. If a gift card feels too impersonal, give them anything that relates to their personal interests. If a Scorpio loves a certain artist or is apart of a fandom, some custom merch is a great idea! Scorpios rule the reproductive system and sex organs, so do with that information what you will.


Sagittarius is an adventurous fire sign that loves to explore, and they are quite active because they are always on the go. Some great gift ideas for them could be a trip to a place they’ve never been. Another idea could be taking them to a local nature reserve because there's so much for a Sagittarius to explore there. Other great options could be anything active; maybe a gym class you could both attend together or a hot yoga session. Sagittariuses will love anything that allows them to explore, so even think of a fantasy or utopian book you could give them! Something that just allows them to learn and explore different parts of any type of world.


Capricorns are known for being very ambitious and hard-working. They can be seen as all work and no play. Some great ideas for a Capricorn could be a major self-care day such as a spa day, where they can simply just relax, because it seems like they never do! As stated, Capricorns are very ambitious, so any gift that levels up their career, hobbies or themselves personally is a great idea. Some ideas for their own personal growth could be a self-care book, a manifestation journal, or a planner so they can plan out the days with 50+ items on their to-do lists. 


Aquarius is often seen as the most "out there" sign of the zodiac. So, anything unique and unusual will strike a chord with them. Some great ideas for Aquariuses could be a unique outfit, a bright colored eyeshadow pallet, a tapestry for their room, or bold jewelry. Aquarius also rules the ankles, shins and calves, so a great idea could be a cute anklet or some high leg boots. Whatever you get for an Aquarius, make sure it matches their vibe, and they'll be sure to love it.


Pisces will not tell you anything on their wish list because they feel guilty when people spend money on them. Most Pisces are very sentimental; some great ideas include a photo album of your memories with them, a custom sticker of you two, or really anything that shows you thought of them and put effort into their gift! Pisces also rules the feet, so some comfy socks (or maybe a matching pair for you two) would come in handy!

And there you have it, 12 gift ideas for every star sign in your life this holiday season. Happy holidays, and happy shopping! 

Avery is a graduate student at the University of Florida majoring in Mass Communications. Avery is passionate about all things mental health and iced green tea. When she isn't writing, you can find her reading someone's birth chart, starting the newest romance novel, crying over Harry Styles and daydreaming about moving to New York City.
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